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The Strength Agenda is a full-service strength & conditioning gym in Elmhurst IL. Using scientifically-backed methods, combined with the high-level experience of our coaches, we offer Sports Performance training for youth athletes ages 8-22. Athletes that join our programs see marked improvement in their strength, power, explosiveness, speed and agility. We are also home to Team SAW (Strength Agenda Weightlifting), one of the fastest-growing USAW barbell clubs in the Midwest.

What Our Athletes Say...

  • Since beginning working with Tom in April of 2014, one of the big focuses of my training program has been barbell cycling, concentrating on efficient, fast, and technically correct lifts for multiple reps. I cannot emphasize enough how his program has improved not only my 1RM in all of the major lifts, but more important to my sport of CrossFit, has greatly improved my ability to cycle a barbell. This has set me far apart from other athletes at competitions, as I know that even up to higher percentages, I am confident and capable of cycling a barbell for multiple reps. This carries over into my 1RM and heavier lift attempts, because I am confident that if I can hit an 85% lift for multiple unbroken reps, I can also trust my training and myself to pursue heavier lifts and attempts.

    Ashley Mitchell, winner of the 2016 SuperFit Games in Richmond & 2017 Wodapalooza Competitor
  • Making the switch to remote coaching isn't easy...but, really...this guy has invested more in me than I expected. I put in the commitment, the work, the ATTITUDE, and Tom matches that. I'm super stoked to set goals with him.

    April Schiel, weightlifter & EMT

What We Offer

The Top Strength + Conditioning Programs in the Chicago area


Run by some of the top weightlifting coaches in the Midwest, we offer a local weightlifting program for Chicago-area weightlifters, as well as online coaching for remote athletes. We're home to TeamSAW (Strength Agenda Weightlifting), and are a certified USAW barbell club.

Sports Performance

For youth athletes ages 12-22, our Athletic Development program is a custom, highly-individualized training experience. Our coaches analyze your athlete's goals, strengths and weaknesses to come up with a uniquely formulated plan. This results in a happier, healthier athlete who will start turning the heads of coaches and recruiters alike.

Youth Fitness

Our fun and dynamic kids' fitness program helps your child get active, become more confident, learn new skills, and have fun.

Workshops + Events

Our highly trained and talented staff conducts various strength + conditioning workshops, clinics and events.

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Our Coaches

Tom Sroka

Tom Sroka

Owner + Head Coach

    With nearly a decade of experience in the fitness + education industry, Tom has proven himself to be a master coach. He has worked with numerous high level athletes, including NCAA All-Americans, USAW National Qualifying athletes, CrossFit Regional athletes, and more. He is best known for communicating complex ideas clearly, and for being a bit of a "mad scientist" in the gym.

    Mike Szela

    Mike Szela

    Sports Performance Coach

      Mike Szela is a highly experienced strength and conditioning coach. As a former youth athlete turned professional weightlifter, Mike understands younger athletes and is a great motivator. Mike is also our resident baseball specialist.

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