Find a Weightlifting-Friendly Gym Near You!

Looking for a gym that will have decent weightlifting and won't yell at you for dropping weights? Check out our list of VERIFIED weightlifting gyms all over the world!

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Improve Your Lifts in Hours!

Attend or book a clinic with 2013 American Open weightlifting champ Tom Sroka!

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Learn From the Best

Check out our exclusive collection of interviews from some of the best weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, Highland Games and GRID athletes!

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An Interview With 2012 Olympic Champion Aleksey Torokhtiy and Dr. Sergei Putsov

Image Source  Not too long ago I had the distinct pleasure of attending a seminar run by the 2012 Olympic Champion in the 105 kilogram weight class, Aleksey Torokhtiy and Dr. Sergei Putsov. The information and perspective these two have on the lifts, training methodology, and general enthusiasm to make you better then when you

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Athlete Meditation

Meditation for Athletes: 2 Ways to Try it

From the Seattle Seahawks to Olympic darlings Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh, many athletes have proclaimed the virtues of meditation for better performance. Those who practice claim they can focus better and more clearly during training and competitions, can handle and reduce pain, eliminate fear (specifically fear of failing during competitions), reduce stress, and ultimately,

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