Find a Weightlifting-Friendly Gym Near You!

Looking for a gym that will have decent weightlifting and won't yell at you for dropping weights? Check out our list of VERIFIED weightlifting gyms all over the world!

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Improve Your Lifts in Hours!

Attend or book a clinic with 2013 American Open weightlifting champ Tom Sroka!

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Learn From the Best

Check out our exclusive collection of interviews from some of the best weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, Highland Games and GRID athletes!

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An Honest Evaluation Of Deep Squatting

You are a coach, and an athlete asks, “Is deep squatting bad?” What is your reply? Why do you say, “Yes”? Why do you say, “No”? You are an athlete, and you ask your coach, “Is deep squatting bad?” What was his or her reply? Why did he or she say, “Yes”? Why did he or she say, “No”? This post

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Building Better Shoulder Stability for Overhead Strength and Health

Image Source  Mobility has been a buzzword in the weightlifting and CrossFit realm for quite some time, and for good reason.  But it’s the other half of the spectrum, stability, that needs a little more love.  Focusing on mobility work without incorporating stability is like cutting the brake line on your supercharged Corvette.  Sure you can

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