Chicago’s #1 Youth Weightlifting Program

Starting weightlifting as a youth has enormous benefits. Youth weightlifters tend to have the most decorated careers as senior lifters and have many amazing opportunities to compete in the sport of weightlifting.  Young athletes learn patience, discipline, and intrinsic motivation, while exercising, staying healthy and having fun.

The Strength Agenda, home to USAW certified club Team SAW, is proud to have a dedicated youth weightlifting program in Chicago. Our full-service program includes active weightlifting coaching, meet preparation, travel and coaching, technique refinement, and barbell programming.

Our Elmhurst, IL weightlifting facility is home to one of the top Chicago weightlifting clubs. This unique environment, coupled with our experienced coaches, allows youth lifters to train alongside our senior and masters athletes, who serve as inspiration and can positively influence youth training. The culture at The Strength Agenda is one of encouragement, learning, focus, respect and fun. While our youth lifters train together, their ability to watch and learn from teen and adult lifters encourages them and teaches them valuable lessons about the sport of weightlifting.

What Sets Our Program Apart from Other Youth Programs?

We are one of the few weightlifting gyms to have a dedicated youth program. Instead of just having a coach adapt adult programming to a youth lifter, our youth weightlifting specialists have created a consistent, thoughtful program that focuses on the basics. This ensures that training loads and volumes are not only effective, but safe and appropriate for your child.

Chicago’s Top Youth Weightlifting Coach

Our Head Weightlifting Coach, Tom Sroka, spends his day as a P.E. teacher at an Elmhurst school. His education and experience with youth development, particularly in youth athletics, physiology, and motor development uniquely qualifies him to teach, coach and train youth athletes. Having a coach with his breadth and depth of child development knowledge, along with experience in motivating, managing and encouraging kids is unmatched in the Chicago area. By having a coach who is trained in education and school policies, you’re also assured of a safe environment for your child to train and learn in.

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