Weightlifting-Friendly Gyms

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  • Agoge Fitness

    (205) 706-3295
    “I run a 1,200 2q ft warehouse gym in the back of a personal training gym.I’m a level II Underground Strength Coach with a passion for weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman and all things strong. We’ve got tires, farmer’s handles, squat racks, bumper plates, sand bags, climbing ropes and stones.”

  • YMCA Tuscaloosa Central Branch

    (205) 345-9622
    “Bumpers, platforms, power rack, squat stands, chalk allowed, very old school, lots of Powerliftinng and Weightlifting Champs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s trained there or still train there.”





  • Boss Barbell Club

    (650) 293-7477
    “Dan Green ([email protected] raw) runs the place; will probably have Olympic lifting platforms and a monolift soon.”

  • Capitol City Strength and Conditioning

    This Strength and Conditioning facility has an emphasis on Olympic Weightlifting. The gym has several platforms laid out with Pendlay bars and plates dedicated to the athletes focusing on Olympic lifting specifically.

  • CrossFit CenCal

    (209) 986-1426
    “We lift big things! Or at least we try! I am usaw level 2, hold a bachelors in sports med and masters in ex phys. My entire staff is degree certified and usaw certified. “

  • CrossFit Combat Fitness

    (559) 228-3278
    “I train and coach at Crossfit Combat Fitness/SPEED, Inc. We have four platforms, with dedicated bumpers (three of which are even competition bumpers), good Ueseka Bars and a side room with another set of bumpers. We have an open gym program that allows people to use this equipment for fairly cheap ($50 month/$120 for three months, discounts for fire fighters/students/police officers/military). Admittedly, classes will have preference for equipment but there are long stretches of the day where everything is open and we try to be as accommodating as possible. Additionally, my mentors, who coach as well, are USAW 1 certified and very knowledgeable regarding weightlifting. We even have our own USAW weightlifting club, Central California Weightlifting, which I would love to grow outside of me and a few others.”

  • Crossfit Fortius

    (858) 255-8378
    “The facility is outfitted for both CrossFit and for weightlifting.  We have some people here training also for powerlifting and strongman, but most of what we do is weightlifting. There are currently four training platforms, a squat rack, a pullup/squat stand rig, plenty of bars (Eleiko, York, Rogue) and bumpers.  The biggest selling point in my opinion is getting coached by Dave Miller, who has been in the sport for over 20 years as an athlete, coach, referee, club owner, etc.”

  • Crossfit Monterey

    “Crossfit gym where Monterey Bay Barbell club trains. Olympic lifting friendly.”

  • Crossfit Sun

    (858) 215-1093
    “Crossfit Sun in San Diego California. I like it because we get to lift heavy, chalk up and do work. No one complains if you slam a bar, constant fun challenge between members and some friendly smack talkin’ goes around. It’s a standard CrossFit gym but ours definitely has a bias towards weightlifting and some powerlifting. We have just currently expanded and the owners have been getting a bunch of new gear so it’s been awesome to be in. There is a subset of us that specifically focus on weightlifting and some have started entering competitions.”

  • Deadweight Strength

    (619) 933-0603 / (858) 999-7064
    “Deadweight Strength is the only gym in San Diego that is dedicated exclusively to powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting, and highland games. Fully stocked with competition quality equipment and staffed by knowledgeable coaches with years of competitive experience in strength sports.”

  • Delta Crossfit

    (925) 783-6997
    “They have a full line of rogue and a nice eleiko barbell set for weightlifting and crossfit.”

  • Fueled Sports Performance

    (805) 845-3272
    “This is a gym largely in favor of bodybuilding, however, it has three platforms, a little over a thousand pounds worth of bumper plates, and bearing weightlifting bars.”

  • Metroflex Long Beach

    (562) 531-7040
    “Caters especially to Strongman clientele, having tons of equipment and space for tires, yokes, stones, etc. Although I’m not a member there, I would recommend it to anyone interested specifically in strongman training.”

  • Powerhouse Gym

    (424) 206-1596
    “Dave Fisher, owner and former IFBB competitor truly takes care of the athletes at his gym. The gym is the only one in the area that has a small, old-school, private gym feel, but for a reasonable price. Several powerlifters, bodybuilders, fitness/figure competitors and strongmen train at Powerhouse, and I feel lucky to be a member.”

  • Rhino Elite Training Center and Gym

    (951) 496-9511
    “This is a gym you can REALLY get a great workout in. You can grunt and lift heavy weights!”

  • Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning

    (707) 542-7725
    “We are a Registered USAW club, Have platforms, Strength classes, Weightlifting classes, Open Gym, Are a CrossFit Gym as well (CrossFit Santa Rosa).”

  • Signal Hill Crossfit

    (562) 673-4453
    “Two platforms and kilo plates. Their weightlifting coach is Nghiep Dihn. He was a national lifter that lifted under Bob Takano. Awesome guys there.”

  • StrongFit

    (310) 733 – 8373
    “Strongman,Powerlifting; Power Racks,Bands,Chains,York and Ivanko bars,SSB bar,Cambered bar, Logs,Atlas Stones,Axles,Monster Dumbbells(loadable),Farmer’s Walk handles,Sleds and Prowlers,Sandbags (70#-380#),Yoke.”

  • Tamalpais Crossfit

    (415) 256-9400
    San Rafael Barbell located here.

  • ThirdSpace Fitness Weightlifting

    (408) 645-6705
    ThirdSpace, a fitness and wellness center in the heart of downtown San Jose offering a wide range of services to improve your quality of the life in our community with a concentration on longevity and total health (mental, physical, and spiritual). We are specialists in Yoga, CrossFit, TRX and other unique fitness modalities, and our 12,000 square foot urban space supports the vast array of our offerings. “Goal setting” is the backbone of our company achievement as well as our method of supporting and educating our members.

  • Velocity Sports Performance – Santa Clarita

    (661) 294-4000
    “I own three Pendlay Sets, 2 20kg Nexgen Bearing Bars and 2 15kg Nexgen Bushing Bars.  In addition on premises we have plenty of bars, bumpers, racks, KBs, boxes, med balls, pull up bars, etc.  Heavy Metal Barbell Club trains in the afternoon and evening for anyone interested in weightlifting.  In between we do athlete training, and have some CrossFit type classes available as well.  My foremost love and concern is developing lifters with the teaching methods I was fortunate enough to experience. Coach is Pendlay and USAW Level 1 Certified.”

  • Waxman’s Gym


    (323) 546-8815
    Our gym is different from any other in Southern California. We provide world-class coaching in an old-school environment featuring Olympic weightlifting and barbell training. We get you moving through proper ranges of motion and help you develop efficient lifting technique. Then we get you strong as hell!


  • Commit and Conquer Fitness

    (719) 647-6301
    “Commit and Conquer in Pueblo West, CO is where our weightlifting club- Chaos Weightlifting Club- trains out of. We are almost finished with a 2,000 sq. ft. session room with rubber flooring where we will hold all of our “olympic” lifting sessions and weightlifiting club sessions. We also have a seperate platform with bumper plates in the front area of the gym.  Contact Joe Leal  [email protected] or Myself Dustin Holman, CSCS, USAW [email protected] We have both mens (20 kg) and womens(15kg) york barbells with plenty of bumper plates.”

  • DevilDogg Crossfit

    (719) 468-0694
    “It’s a CrossFit Gym with a strenght problem. We have normal classes and open gyms that deal with olympic lifting power lifting strongman. If you come thur the doors you will move weight around.”

  • Flat Irons Strength & Conditioning | Flat Irons Crossfit

    (303) 517-7114
    “We are the largest and oldest crossfit gym in Boulder County and surrounding area. Flatirons CrossFit was started in 2007 with the goal to deliver a world class strength and conditioning program to Boulder. We have developed coaching and programming that delivers exceptional fitness to our athletes. We started in a 500 sqf room. After outgrowing two more spaces we are now in our state of the art 7000 sqf training facility. This space features a 4000 sqf CrossFit gym stocked with enough equipment to train over 25 athletes at a time. Our 3000 sqf weight room has 7 lifting stations, jerk boxes, squat stands and is fully stocked with kilo plates. The facility, the coaching, and the people here combine to make FCSC a one of a kind strength and conditioning gym.”


  • Crossfit Milford

    (203) 283-7751
    “Olympic Weightlifitng Facility Has: Pendlay/Elieko Bars, Werksan/Pendlay kg bumper sets, platforms, blocks, and jerk boxes…anything a weightlifter needs.”

  • Old School Iron

    (860) 599-2171
    “A members only gym. The late Joe Mugovero’s “Breakfast Club” (Power-lifting, Strongman and grip training since 1993) train here every Sunday. Dedicated to providing a facility for those training for Strength Sports: Strongman, Power-lifting, Olympic lifting, Arm-wrestling, Highland Games as well as Grip, Bending, etc.”


  • https://www.crossfitbarracuda.com/
    (954) 323-6794
    “Check out our reviews on Facebook to see what our members like about us. We are primarily an olympic lifting, power lifting and gymnastics facility. We do have some obstacle course equipment and big tires. Just figured we should be on your list since we’re big fans of picking up heavy shit and slamming it back down.”

  • Broward Crossfit

    “We offer Power lifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, CrossFit, Endurance Training all under one roof. Building incredible athletes at every level
    Kids classes ages 6-12 also.”

  • CrossFit 813

    (813) 917-0929
    “The barbell moves every day. Training includes the following: Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Back-Front-OH Squats, Deads, Bench variations, press, and accessory lifts. Two max efforts and two dynamic efforts weekly. 813 barbell club meets twice a week. -Bands and chains available, -10 available platforms & 8K sf, -Multiple stones to use, up to 200#, -Airdyne bikes for pain, Lift heavy and you will be hazed for poor effort/intensity.”

  • Crossfit Fenrir

    (863) 398-3527
    This gym is home to 5 CrossFit Level 1 certified coaches, 4 USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coaches and 1 USAW Level 2 certified Coach.

  • Limitless Strength and Conditioning

    (954) 629-0462
    “The head coach is terrific. He has a degree in exercise science and has been. Strength and conditioning coach with the Gators and Rockets. He was trained under elite coaches and really knows his stuff. He always makes sure your form is correct and we are all getting fantastic results. He also has national powerlifting records. This is the place to workout at. Programs include Power Hour Bootcamp, Personal Training, The Limitless Training Method – Group Training, Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Men and Women, Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Kids (7+), Speed and Agility Training, Olympic Lifting, Plyometric Training, Flexibility Training, Powerlifting, Strongman, Sport Specific Training, Combine Preparation, Police, Firefighter, Military Preparation / Training”

  • Physiques Unlimited

    (954) 946-7867
    “Free weights only. Our equipment sets the perfect mood for PUMPING IRON. And we have crammed as much of this equipment into our spartan facility as is physically possible. Seasoned weight trainers will appreciate our highly functional equipment designs. Our machines our super smooth and are exceedingly well maintained to provide you with non-stop availability. And what gym would be complete without the most versatile equipment ever devised – FREE WEIGHTS! TONS of it, combined with the infinite possibilities of MOVEMENT and MUSCLE ISOLATION. Providing you as much variety as your imagination will conceive! We’ve been described as HARDCORE, DUNGEON, PIT etc…but what it REALLY boils down to: We’re bringing Old School training to the 21st Century. “

  • The Ark School of Fitness

    (352) 448-1676
    “This gym is truly a non-intimidating environment! Coach Mike, who is also the owner, is extremely knowledgable an helpful. This gym is also a non-profit gym which has a free community park and youth program.”


  • The Cave

    (941) 228-8341
    “The Cave offers training in: Strongman, Power Lifting , Underground Strength, CrossFit], MMA conditioning”




  • B&W Gym

    (773) 561-9692
    “Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman.”

  • Be Strong Gym


    “I love the gym because its back to the basics about getting healthy and fit. There is something there for everyone, you can come to get tone, lose weight or you can come in and train for competitive sports such as Strongman, Crossfit or Powerlifting. The gym offers space, equipment and the knowledge and skills for all of the sports.”

  • Bloomington-Normal Athlete Factor

    (309) 662-5678
    “We have legit equipment (Pendlay, Eleiko), actual platforms, and a ton of space.  Anyone in the area or passing through who wants to get their lift on, feel free to give us a holler at [email protected]

  • Crossfit Peoria

    (309) 453-7607
    ” Olympic Lifting Friendly, Nathan Palkovic – Owner/ [email protected], Hold Olympic Clinics on select saturdays, has CrossFit Competitor Program based around being proficient at the Oly Lifts, if you want to focus solely on Olympic Lifting e-mail us and we will see what we can work out working around class schedules. Has UESAKA Bars and Bumpers”



  • Crossfit Rise

    (847) 466-7237
    “Coach Roger Nielsen runs Windy City Weightlifting from this CrossFit.  The gym itself is owned by Brian & Jessica Schulz and they’ve turned it into a very lifter friendly place to train.  There are 9 regular platforms, one triple long platform, 3 sets of jerk blocks, and numerous pulling blocks.  (Side note – Shane Maier trains out of this facility on a regular basis)”

  • Diamond Barbells

    (312) 371-0776
    Diamond Barbells is raising the bar for women in strength and powerlifting. We are a premier strength and powerlifting studio in Chicago for women only. We offer a Strength Club and an Open Lifting Studio for women in the Chicago area.

  • Jakked Hardcore

    (630) 966-8611
    “Our gym is open to all people looking to better their physical health. We are also unique in the fact that we are one of few gyms that have an open invite to try one of our power teams. We have a group for each interest – powerlifting / strongman / arm wrestling and Bodybuilding. We are a very proactive gym / we encourage friendly competition to help motivate you to reach goals you never thought imaginable – unlike many gym owners my wife and I love what we do and even better we love the family we have acquired in our 6 years of business.”

  • Moose L Up Strength Gym


    This is the best gym in the Dekalb/Sycamore area. I have been a member and coach here for over 2 years. Equipment: Bars, Bumpers, Platforms, Racks, Sleds, Rings, Tires, Sledge Hammers, Kegs,”

  • Sayre Park Weightlifting Club

    (Rutherford Sayre Park / Chicago Park District)
    (312) 746-5368
    “All visiting lifters are always welcome to stop in whenever they’re in town.   We have a great group of team lifters who will always support and help as much as possible.   At Sayre, we support the weightlifting community as much as we can , and are happy to share our history, facilities, and support structure with everyone.”

  • The Human Performance Lab

    (309) 367-2820
    “The premier strength and conditioning facility in the Peoria area. The strength coaching staff at The Lab has the most experience in Central Illinois working with athletes and preparing them for performing at their best in competition.”

  • The Strength Agenda

    (331) 642-1002
    The best weightlifting gym in the Chicago area. Located in Elmhurst, The Strength Agenda is just 15 minutes from O’Hare Airport. The Strength Agenda is home to TeamSAW (Strength Agenda Weightlifting) and is run by TSA founder Tom Sroka.  TeamSAW is a USAW recognized club with youth, senior and masters athletes. From National-level lifters to hobbyists, we welcome anyone that is dedicated to the pursuit of getting better. We have fifteen dedicated weightlifting platforms, competition kilo plates (Eleiko, Pendlay and Rogue), Eleiko, Pure Strength, Rogue and Strencor needlebearing bars. Additional equipment include a Rogue Reverse Hyper, jerk/pulling blocks, and everything you’d need to accommodate accessory work. The Strength Agenda is open 4p-7:30p on weekdays and Saturdays from 9a-12p. Visitors are welcome!

  • Wheaton Barbell & Fitness

    (630) 699-1746
    Owner: Jeff Armstrong







  • Colosseum Gym

    (410) 740-2339
    “Atmosphere is great and they have a separate “power room” away from the rest of the gym that eliminates many of the problems strength athletes run into in conventional gyms.Equipment: Olympic Lifters-Chalk, Bumper Plates, Rogue H Base Squat/Press Stands, Werksan colored trainign set, Werksan 20 kg bar, Werksan pulling blocks, Muscle Clamp clips. Powerlifters-17,000 lbs in free weights, deadlift jack, safety squat, yoke bar, glute ham raise, squat cages, power racks, platforms, power benches,and  texas power bars.”

  • Silver Springs Crossfit (Capital Barbell)

  • Supreme Sports Performance & Training

    301-231-SSPT (7778)
    “We cater to people serious about reaching their goals. Many of our members are competitive lifters, athletes in other sports, or people serious about reaching a goal such as reducing bodyfat, improving bone & joint health, etc. We have day passes for those stopping through the area as well as general memberships. We have equipment for Olympic lifting, power lifting, and strongman.”


  • B-Strong Gym

    (508) 693-5997

  • Bodiphat’s “The Gym”

    (508) 878-8136
    “The Gym has a variety of equipment ranging from dumbbells from 5 to 160 pounds. Yes I said 160 pound dumbbells. You can also find a glute ham raiser, reverse hyper, squat cages, battling ropes, trap bar, cambered bar, and just about anything for your bodybuilding, powerlifting, or fitness desires.”

  • Cambridge Strength and Conditioning


    “We are a weightlifting club that focuses on fostering a cooperative atmosphere, with lots of camaraderie between members. We work together to push each other to our limits to get the best and greatest results. We inspire and encourage each other. We are open to new ideas and becoming strong with our mind and body. We strive for the greatness we know we are capable of. We push to lift more, do more, and live more. We won’t let your mind quit before your body does.”

  • Raw Sports Performance

    (413) 281-3834
    “Olympic Weightlifting: Licensed Weightlifting Club: 6 Rogue Bars, 6 sets of Pendlay Bumpers, 6 squat racksetc, etc. Powerlifting: 9 Standard bars, Enough weight to sink a ship, Chains, Bands, etc. Strongman: Yoke, Stones, Log, Farmers Carry Handles, Sleds, Sandbags, Kegs, Tires, etc. Girevoy Sport: Competition Kettlebells by WKC, Crossfit:I have tried to create a Strength and Conditioning Facility for the private sector, open to all, that is ultimately just a big playground. Creativity is encouraged. Noise is encouraged. Passion is mandatory. Anyone wanting to go heavy and hard is welcome at my facility. Any and every piece of equipment one would find at the Games. “

  • Total Performance Sports

    (617) 387-5998
    “TPS is a great gym outfitted with every training tool you could want or need and more importantly, the knowledge and experience to know what to use, when and how much, if you are serious about improving your fitness and strength. Total Performance Sports is THE place to train in the Boston area, and Murph and his staff are the ones who will help you reach your goals.”


  • Major League Fitness & Athletics

    (810) 610-9274
    “Olympic Lifting, Strongman, Powerlifting, Running Specialist, Hybrid Programming (incorporating WeightLifting, Gymnastics, Track, Boxing…), Platforms, Cages, Stones, Olympic Lifting Bars, Safety Squat Bars, Trap Bars, Chains, & most important, the ability to follow custom programming & strength programs such that one is actually able to train in a matter that will allow one to progress, work weaknesses, etc…”


  • CrossFit Epitome

    (507) 358-0703
    CrossFit Epitome has a USAW registered Barbell Club — Epitome Barbell Club, and the owner makes weightlifting a priority in his gym. He trains under Tom Sroka (Former MDUSA team member and current Outlaw Way Weightlifting Coach.) Great equipment, great facility, awesome coaches.

  • Twin Cities Barbell

    “Twin Cities Barbell is a private powerlifting gym in Eagan, Minnesota. We have three mono lifts, five competition benches and two deadlift platforms in our 3,000 square foot gym. A good selection of assistance machines, chains, board and bands round out our equipment. We are a team of ~30 competitive powerlifters, both raw and geared. We welcome visiting powerlifters looking for a place to train while in town, as well as prospective new members.
    Hours are limited, as we are only open for scheduled team training times. Contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in visiting.”

  • Undisputed Strength and Conditioning

    651 493 4361
    “The gym has all Pendlay bars/plates (except for some vintage york bars), Platforms, and Plenty of space. We are partnered with Travis Mash for our weightlifting program. Give us a heads up when you are coming and where you heard about us. We will give you a couple of drop-ins for free!”



  • ARC (Activity and Recreation Center)

    (573) 874-7700
    “This is a great little community rec center with a separate room called the “Youth Training Room.”  You don’t have to be “youth” to use it, though.  It has two platforms, a York and Eleiko Men’s bar, plenty of Ivanko and Eleiko bumpers, 2 sets of 2.5kg change plates, 1 set of 5kg change plates, one set of 5kg technique plates, and old York spin-collars.  The room also has a half rack, one set of squat stands, pull-up/dip station, dumbbells up to 70lbs, and a variety of cable pulley machines for assistance work.  In the main gym, there is also a reverse hyper, half rack, and dumbbells up to 100lbs, but no oly-lifting equipment.  We have a small, informal club that trains here on Saturdays, and some of us train here on Monday and Wednesday evenings as well.  We have a women’s bar that belongs to the club that you can use if you train at the same time as us – about 5:30PM Mondays and Wednesdays, and about 12:30PM Saturdays.  Contact me (Tim) at [email protected] if you’d like to train with us.  You will need to purchase a day pass to the gym regardless, which is about $6 as of 4/10/13.  If you just want to train by yourself, no need to contact anyone – just show up and pay the fee!”

  • CrossFit Cerberus

    (816) 868-3611
    “We run CF classes all day, but we are completely outfitted for anyone in the strength game to train with us. You don’t have to CF by any means. We have weightlifters and powerlifters that hang out on the back platforms, all outfitted with squat racks and jerks blocks. The owner is Carl Niedholdt and we always welcome people who want to drop in and throw some weight around with us.”

  • Crossfit Valley Park

    “This gym is fully stocked for weightlifting with 9 platforms York training bars and all Pendlay elite plates.”



New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina


  • Cincinnati Weightlifting Club

    (513) 259-6114
    “We have squat racks, plenty of bumpers, jerk blocks, high and low blocks, 8 platforms, and plenty of barbells.  We have a daily rate for lifters as well as monthly or multiple visit rates.”

  • Dayton Strength and Conditioning


    (937) 609-4128
    We have 3 dedicated platforms for our BB club. 15 and 20kg bearing bars. Plenty of competition bumpers. Jerk blocks, 2 sets of pulling blocks, plenty of squat racks, and full line of other strength equipment (reverse hyper, GHD’s, sleds, prowlers, etc). We offer daily drop in rates, as well as monthly packages.

  • Durniat Strength

    “14,000 sq. ft. of everything you need to train properly. 2 Platforms, 3 Sorinex BaseCamp Racks, Sorinex XL rig, bumpers, every strongman implement, kettlebells 4kg-60kg, competitors in powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, highland games, grip sport, bodybuilding. I Host grip nationals every year, and have every single tool to strengthen your grip.”



  • Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club (BCBC)

    Presently the facility features 10 platforms, 12 20kg and 11 15kg Olympic Weightlifting bars, 8 power racks, jerk blocks, an extensive array of blocks for pulls and lifting, 8 box squat set-ups, over 500# chains and a wide array of bands for accommodating resistance, reverse hyper, 2 professional EliteFTS 45 degree back extension, 8 hex bars, specialty bars, dumbbells, kettle bells, over 2500 kg bumpers, and tons (literally) more plates in pounds, plus much more.

  • Industrial Strength

    (971) 242-8471
    “We are outfitted with two full power racks with 1″ hold spacing and band pegs top and bottom, two competition bench/squat stands with lever lift for height adjustments and in/out rack positons, Ivanko chromed calibrated plates on all racks, three full olympic lifting/deadlifting platforms, each with 500 lbs of color-coded competition bumper plates, Ivanko raw powerlifting bars, Texas power bars, Pendlay Elite needle bearing bars, Uesaka Olympic lifting bar, Texas deadlift bar, EliteFTS safety squat bars, trap bars, EliteFTS spder bar, EliteFTS swiss bar, jerk blocks, full lines of DragonDoor and competition style kettlebells, 50′ of astroturf with two Prowlers, 14′ long Rogue rig for pull ups, dips etc, Sorinex landmine, War Hammer, glut ham raise, Concept 2 rower, 1,000 square feet of BJJ mats. We have pretty much everything a raw powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, kettlebell lifter or general strength enthusiast needs (or could ever want). Gym rule #1 = no curls in the squat rack. Gym rule #2 = NO CURLS IN THE SQUAT RACK!!!”

  • Vulkan Weightlifting

    (971) 227-4615
    “Vulkan Weightlifting club provides athlete performance and Olympic weightlifting training for both developmental and elite athletes striving to compete at the highest level. The club is designed to support and advance an athlete and Olympic weightlifter by improving the quality of training, technique, coordination and competition using the classical Olympic lifts.”

  • West Coast Health & Fitness

    (503) 688-5130
    “Squat rack, bumper weights, a few olympic bars.  No frill, friendly staff, and clean.”


  • Athlete Factory / Cage Sports Performance Center

    “I’m the head strength coach and assistant director of sports performance here. We are the only gym in the area with platforms (currently two, looking to expand in the fall/winter) besides Crossfit gyms. We specialize in sports performance training, but we also have a 24/7 general membership for $35/mo. We have VTX imperial bumpers, but I also have a personal set of Pendlay elite bumpers and Pendlay nexgen bar that I would be willing to let Olympic weightlifting athletes use.”

  • Bloomfield Exercise Warehouse Gym

    (412) 621-1650
    “The place is fantastic. It has all the equipment I need – a power rack, a squat rack, a monolift, wide variety of specialty bars, kettlebells, chains, huge wall of dumbbells, plenty of benches, deadlifting space and some bumper plates, and an entire top floor with heavy bags and bodyweight equipment. The price is very reasonable ($100 for 3 months for men, $85 for 3 months for women). It’s very bare bones, no ellipticals, only four treadmills and a few exercise bikes. Never feels too crowded.”

  • CrossFit Lancaster (Red Rose Barbell)

    “This gym has a devoted lifting area with platforms separate from CrossFit area.”

  • Garage Strength

    (484) 269-6687
    “Throwing based Olympic lifting gym. I trained under Dr Anatoly Bondarchuk and now own a gym in Reading, Pennsylvania.”

  • Institute Of Iron

    This 2500 sq. ft facility offers a wide range of equipment for powerlifting, strongman, highland games, olympic lifting and sport specific training. We offer strength camps, college prep programs, strongman saturdays, and sport specific strength and conditioning.

  • Ironsport

    (610) 237-3840
    “Tons of iron, three platforms, strongman, DBs up to 150”

  • McKenna’s Gym

    “Olympic Weightlifting, throwing, strongman. Werksan and Eleiko bars and plates, Sorinex power rack, tires up to 900 pounds, specialized grip training tools, atlas stones, five platforms.”

Rhode Island

South Carolina





  • Charlottesville Strength / Crossfit Charlottesville

    (434) 260-0209
    “CrossFit Charlottesville has a separate weightlifting area called “Charlottesville Strength,” an Olympic-style weightlifting club with USAW-certified coaches and about a dozen competing athletes.”

  • CrossFit Aliquid

    “We have platforms, bars and bumpers, jerk blocks, and a love of moving heavy weight beautifully. In addition, we have USAW-certified coaches and offer weightlifting as well as CrossFit classes.”

  • Crossfit RVA

    (804) 313-9348
    “It has everything for strongman, weightlifting and crossfit. Owner Jake Rowell is very knowledgeable.”

  • Forward Barbell & Crossfit Forward

    (540) 226-9560
    “It’s two separate facilities one big building. 7000 square feet. Chalk and throwing weights are encouraged. We just started a powerlifting and weightlifting team also; Team Forward. On the barbell side we have: 2 R-3 Power Racks with pullup bars and band hooks, The Base Station/Yoke of Goergen: a yoke, squat/bench rack, dragging sled, stone trainer, push sled, pull-up stand combination, 4 custom lifting platforms, A 4-station cable machine, A dedicated deadlift platform with band hooks, 3 GHDs, A Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper, Rogue barbells, Several thousand pounds of iron and Olympic grade kilogram bumper plates, 3 Westside prowlers, 4 Rogue drag sleds, 4 Concept2 Rowers, Board press boards, Over a hundred pounds of chains, A dozen powerlifting bands, Grip strength tools, Foam Rollers and other mobility tools.”

  • Nova Strength & Conditioning

    (703) 873-7596
    “Olympic lifting gym with 5 platforms, plenty of bumper plates and OLY bars International Master lifter and USAW coach Sarah Ellis. great lifters. Crossfit classes and equipment for those interested. Strongman equipment and training (The Edge).”

  • The Weight Room | River City Strongman

    (804) 422-0200
    “They have 4 platforms, jerk boxes, kilo plates, and bearing bars. Geared for olympic lifting, powerlifting and strongman. They have yokes, stone, sleds, etc.  Solid facility.”


  • Alpine Fitness Gym

    (425) 888-0046
    “We’re small and located 45 min outside Seattle in a very low-key mountain town, but we were designed for Olympic Weightlifting first and foremost. We cater to powerlifting/strongman as well, but anybody with an interest in training on the platform is sought after. The gym’s owner and my father, Glenn, was a founder of Spoon Barbell back in the 70’s and is tougher than a coffin nail. Not too many lifters come through the town any more so I’m hoping this will help bring more driven individuals into the area. I’d be happy to write back with more info, keep up the good work with the site and all the PR’s you just crushed!”

  • Crossfit Seattle/Seattle Barbell Club

    (206) 992-7360
    “Pendlay Bars, Bumpers, Platforms. Weightlifter frienldy crossfit with a dedicated Olympic lifting program.”

  • Crossfit Trident Athletics

    (253) 777-9714
    “We are an Olympic Weightlifting gym. 6 full platforms ready to go!”

  • Paramount Crossfit (Paramount Barbell Club)

    (360) 930-9166
    “The gym has 4 dedicated platforms, proper bars, bumpers and equipment. Drop ins welcome!”

  • Seattle Strength and Power

    (206) 365-1760
    “Strongman and Powerlifting, Raw and geared. One highland game athlete. Stones up to 425, tires up to 1050, kegs up to 300, circus dumbell, logs, all kinds of PL bars (football, cambered, buffalo, safety squat) two monolifts, forza benchs, 3 DL platforms”

  • South Sound Weightlifting

    (360) 280 2816
    “Six platforms. We are a weightlifting gym, period. We use the O lifts and assistance exercises to make great lifters and competitive Crossfitters. Programmed, coached, awesome. All Eleiko and Pendlay bars, Werksan and Pendlay bumpers.”

  • Thrust Sports Performance

    (253) 335-6883
    “They have about 6 -8 platforms and produce some national lifters. Nice people.”

  • YMCA Downtown Tacoma

    (253) 597-6444
    “Platform with 460# in bumps and Jerk Boxes. Plus two full size power racks and plenty of pull up bars. Also dropping bumps is allowed. While not technically allowed if you bring your own chalk and use it without pulling a Lebron James they are fine with it. This is all due in part to me working as a personal trainer there and slowly but surely changing the culture to accept weightlifting and utilize the equipment how it was meant to be used. I actually built and am loaning the jerk boxes to them.”

Washington, DC

  • Balance Gym

    (202) 730-0003
    “The main gym has 4-5 squat racks with a decent amount of iron. The best part, they have a platform with a mix (kilo and lbs.) of bumper plates. Probably not enough weight for a super but it works pretty well for most. They  There are about 4 or 5 dedicated weightlifters in the gym in the morning and most other members appreciate the movements. Also, the personal trainees love it when we yell and slam bars.have at least 3 pretty good bars for weightlifting and they let you drop weight from overhead.”

West Virginia

  • CrossFit Ridgeline


    (954) 336-5238
    We are a ~7,000 sq/ft facility equipped with 6 platforms, more than 600kg in Pendlay kg plates, Pendlay bearing, Rogue weightlifting, DHS training, and Eleiko training bars, pull blocks, step blocks, and jerk blocks, all in addition to your typical CrossFit equipment. We are also the home to the West Virginia University Weightlifting Team. It is not atypical to train alongside 10+ other weightlifters on any given day. Our goal is to develop extremely strong, technically sound athletes.


  • Badger CrossFit

    (414) 979-9348
    “We operate a barbell club (soon to be USAW Club), and have 5 platforms with the proper gear. We would love to have anyone looking for a place to train to visit us.”

  • Crossfit Madtown

    (608) 282-5610
    “We are a weightlifting gym before we are a CrossFit gym.  We have a club called Madtown Weightlifting Club (MWC).  We are sending a few lifters to senior nationals, senior pan-ams, and the American Open.  We have two that are very close to nationals as well.  The head coach is Skipp Benzing, him and his wife Keysha Benzing own and run the gym.  They both lifted and coached under Mike Burgener for the better part of a decade. We only use kilograms.”


  • Crossfit Altitude

    (905) 691-3035
    “Our coaches are well qualified and national level competitors in the sport. Equiment: 4 olympic platforms, 4 sets of pendlay coloured bumpers with pendlay needle bearing  bars and 1 DHS bar.”

  • Crossfit Waterloo

    1 519-886-1007
    “Crossfit gym by design, but with the knowledge for the sport of weightlifting. This is a gym where you will fine tune your techinque. The owners have a very technical background and run a strength focus facility.”

  • Crossfit Whitby

    (905) 576-9700
    “Good atmosphere for training with a number of different types of people! Loud music, weights dropping, and people yelling are not uncommon here. I’m one of the owners and President of the weightlifting club.We focus heavily on weightlifting, especially for our CrossFitters because you can’t be a good CrossFitter if you aren’t a good weightlifter! We have platforms, barbells, bumpers, and a wide variety of MDUSA/Pendlay equipment.”

  • Element Crossfit

    (905) 608-XFIT [9348]
    “A crossfit gym with a strength focus and skilled trainers. home to toronto barbell club. both alex and rachael are starting strength certified. barbells, prowlers, tires, sleds…chalk and grunt all you like.”

  • Johnny-B-Fitt

    (780) 998-7219
    “Gym equipped with platform and half rack, several Olympic barbells, dumbells up to 120, collection of machines (including GHR), collection of conditioning tools (battle ropes, climbing ropes, kettlebells, box jumps, sledgehammers, climbing wall, sled, prowler), strongman toys (heavy tires, circus dumbells, logs, conan’s wheel, car deadlift, atlas stones, pulling harnesses). Power/Olympic lifting friendly, hosts strongman events during the summer. Equipped to handle any Crossfit WODs and then some. Gym converted from squash courts, still has one functioning squash court.”

  • JustLift

    “We have a great family; a team of coaches and athletes that includes several national level lifters at the junior and senior level. We have 8 platforms fully outfitted with kg bumper plates, certified change plates, and squat racks. We have a full DHS competition certified set (bars, plates, change, collars), jerk blocks, pulling blocks, bands and all the chalk you will ever need. Other toys include a reverse hyper, GHD, kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls, med balls, pullup bars, rings, and gymnastic stall bars if you want to get some accessory work in.We are first and foremost, an Olympic weightlifting facility. Come here and you will see snatch, clean and jerk, and squats everyday. “

  • ManTraining

    “The ManTraining facility is a 6000 sq. ft brick and beam loft-style space in downtown Toronto. Amenities include locker rooms, personal showers, sauna and towel service. Our equipment includes standard Olympic Bars, Fat-Grip Axle bars, beginner bars, a Hex bar, Bumper Plates, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Squat stands, a Squat rack, a Power rack, Plyo Boxes, Olympic Rings and multiple benches. Everything you need to work on Snatches, C&Js, as well as the accessory exercises that improve these lifts.”

  • Markham Strength

    (905) 604-3450
    “We’re a CrossFit affiliate with a comprehensive focus on powerlifting and weightlifting. We have an Olympic Lifting platform and competition grade gear, power racks, tons of bumper plates, specialty bars and strongman gear.”

  • McDole’s Gym

    (204) 453-3935
    “Awesome gym; O-lifting (platforms/bars/bumpers) Strongman (Farmers/log/yoke/frame) Conditioning, Powerlifting. Loud metal from the speakers, partnered with a Gracie BJJ school next door.”

  • Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence

    (250) 220-2510
    “Beautiful gym, multiple platforms, multiple squat racks, no useless machines, multiple CFL athletes train there, both a powerlifting and weightlifting club train there (I’m part of the weightlifting club). It’s pretty cheap as well ($120 for 4 months). It is set up for wheelchair athletes as well, and there are strength and conditioning programs there specifically for disabled athletes.”

  • Power House Training Systems

    (519) 630-5772
    “Outfitted completly by Elite FTS, geard towards strength athletics and preparing college and university football players.  Strongman, powerlifting and highland gamers.”

  • Quantum Crossfit

    (416) 460-7334
    “Oly specific coaches, one of best in ontario. no specific disciples, texas squat and DL bars.”

  • Variety Village

    (416) 699-7167
    “Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting teams.”

Outside of the U.S. & Canada