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Whether you’re looking for a new gym to train in, or you’re hitting the road and need somewhere to stop when you travel, finding a weightlifting-friendly gym is challenging, right?

I find myself asking friends on forums or facebook, or performing Google searches and making lots of phone calls, only to end up somewhere that asks me not to drop the weights on the ground, or only has 1 powerlifting bar when I need to snatch.

So I got a crazy idea. Let’s compile the biggest, best FREE list of weightlifting and powerlifting friendly gyms. Let’s find out which gyms are awesome to train at, and spread the word.

Take a few minutes to complete the form below and tell me about the gym you train at, or your favorites to stop at when you travel. Tell me why you love it, who the owner/contact is, where it’s located, any special equipment or disciplines (strongman, Highland Games, etc.), and anything else you think would help.

Once I have a huge list of gyms, I’m going to roll my sleeves up and do some research. I want every gym on this list to be verified as a weightlifter friendly…meaning you won’t get asked to leave for lifting heavy, and you won’t find anyone curling in the squat rack.

Tell me where you train by filling out the form below or emailing [email protected]!

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What Gym Do You Train At? Why Do You Like It? Who's the Owner/Contact? Any Special Disciplines or Equipment?