If you’re looking to train smarter, lift heavier, and refine your technique, you can make major progress by joining a team of committed individuals, led by a coach with extraordinary knowledge.

remote weightlifting coaching, team saw weightlifting, team saw, online weightlifting coachTeamSAW began in 2013 as one of the first remote coaching programs for weightlifters. Over the years we’ve grown the team, refined the way we’ve coached, launched our own Chicago-area facility, and taken dozens of athletes to Nationals, the American Open, and Masters Worlds.

While some programs just deliver spreadsheets full of training work, our program is relationship-based. We pride ourselves on creating multiple channels of communication between athlete and coach, as well as offering opportunities for the coach-athlete relationship to develop (like goal-setting meetings, meet preparation and our annual training camp). While we know weightlifting is an individual sport, having a coach and team that supports you can help you reach your goals faster. Team SAW athletes can train remotely, in our Elmhurst facility, or a hybrid option of the two.

Our clients have said:

“I have been using Tom Sroka’s online programming since May of 2013 (8 months). I am a CrossFit athlete and need to function as such. When I first met Tom my numbers were something that I was not proud of: my clean & jerk was 275 lbs, snatch 200 lbs, back squat 375lbs, front squat was 335. Since then I am currently at a 335 lb clean & jerk, 235 lb snatch, 435 lb back squat, and 385 front squat. Even though the numbers are much better and the programming is fun, one of the best aspects of the programming is the deeper understanding of Olympic lifting and strength that Tom teaches his clients. He is a true professional and very passionate about his craft. I can gladly suggest to anyone that is wanting to improve and get better that Tom Sroka’s programming is top notch.” – Justin Morse
“When I began seeking out a personalized online program, I knew I wanted not only a program oriented towards my competitive goals, but also to work with someone who is knowledgeable and worked well as a distance coach. Tom is all that and more!! Since working with Tom, not only have my numbers increased, but my own knowledge base has grown. He explains how and why he programs and gives you plenty of feedback on your movements. Just as importantly, he listens to your thoughts and comments and adjusts accordingly. I have never felt so energized or excited by my lifting before. Tom’s passion, drive, dedication, and direction have made me a better lifter. I would recommend to anyone looking for an online program to gain a competitive edge to contact Tom!” – Tayler Harris (TeamMDUSA member after working with Tom)

When you join The Strength Agenda’s training group, you’ll receive:

  • Effective programming proven to help our weightlifters gain strength, refine technique, and stay healthy
  • Unlimited video critiques by Tom or our assistant coach, Mike Szela, that will help you find and fix errors in your lifts
  • Access to our private team Facebook group where you’ll get to chat and share with other committed teammates
  • Exclusive team discounts with awesome equipment, apparel and footwear suppliers!

weightlifting coaching, online weightlifting coach, hybrid weightlifting coach, team saw, strength agenda weightlifting, strength agenda coaching, tom sroka coach, sroka weightliftingTeamSAW isn’t for everybody. We only look to add goal-oriented lifters who want to work at getting better every day. Whether your goal is to improve technique or qualify for Nationals, we’re just looking for athletes that share the same values we do: integrity, perseverance, patience and a great attitude. Regardless of skill level or goals, we want strong, successful people on our team.

Join the team today and start making progress towards your weightlifting goals.

More about our head coach:

Tom Sroka, founder of The Strength Agenda, 3-time All-American, and coach for a National Championship collegiate team has created a training program (Team SAW) using his extensive knowledge of strength training. After an education background in strength + conditioning and education, Tom spent a few years training and learning from some of USAW’s top coaches. He took this knowledge, coupled with his ability to teach and coach and created TeamSAW, one of the longest-running remote coaching programs for weightlifters.