Rocktape for Knee Support/Pain

Image Source Besides having some of the best recipes for strength athletes on the web, another goal of The Strength Agenda is to provide you with articles and videos about recovery, mobility, and training tips that can help you get after it in the gym harder than the last time. You may not have a […]

Video: Hand Care

image source There have been quite a few questions thrown my way on proper hand care for training. Whether you are training strongman, weightlifting, or a recreational lifter, hand care is key. When I competed in the highland games the best piece of information I received was how to take care of my hands. If […]

Reducing Inflammation in Your Joints: VooDoo Flossing Tutorial

VooDoo flossing is awesome. It sounds crazy and like it shouldn’t work, but it does. Made popular by Kelly Starret of MobilityWOD, this technique is really helpful in removing the inflammation and pain in joints. I have pain in my knees, and on occasion my wrists and elbows, and this helps tremendously. Check out the […]

How to Squat Deeper with Band Stretches

We recently received a question about being able to get proper squat depth when working out. In order to respond in the best way The Strength Agenda created another video demonstrating some stretches incorporating bands. The purpose of stretching like this is to not only loosen up the muscles but to also open the joint capsules. By opening up […]