What I’m Digging – Winter 2014 Edition

In the past, I’ve talked about some of my favorite things that help me be a better athlete, both inside and outside of the gym. Here’s a short list of what I’m digging now and why: Epsom salts. These are still high on my list. A couple times a week (usually on days when I […]

9 Things Every Athlete Should Have in Their Kitchen

I wrote this post after a long and lengthy discussion with my wife. She’s the main cook around here, and the kitchen is her domain. I say that not as a jerk, but as she truly loves cooking (and oh, horrors of all horrors, doesn’t like the way I put the pots and pans away). […]

Why Every Athlete Should Own a Crockpot

Image source The slow cooker in our kitchen is one of the most valuable tools we have, in line with the blender and the grill pan. While the biggest, most obvious benefit of having a slow cooker is that it takes virtually no effort on your part to make dinner, there are tons of other reasons […]