Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup

‘Tis the season for leftovers…particularly of the ham and turkey variety. The easiest and fastest way to use up leftover ham is in a hot bowl of split pea soup. Take some veggies, onions and garlic, dried split peas, and any and all leftover ham, drop it in the crockpot with some liquid, and voila, […]

Greek Lemon & Rice Chicken Soup

I think there’s a big misconception by weightlifters and non-weightlifters alike. They look at a bigger guy like me and think, “Man, his diet must be terrible.” I have to explain to a lot of people when they see me at the local Waffle House with a plate of burgers and two chocolate chip waffles […]

White Chicken Chipotle Chili

It’s fall, y’all. Or at least that’s what my wife is telling me as she walks around with the ubiquitous pumpkin spiced-everything– lattes, candles, cookies…you name it, it’s probably in my house. So when she started making more soups (in spite of 70+degree weather), I was about to protest. But it just smelled so dang […]

Kale, Sausage & Potato Soup

This soup is surprisingly hearty and flavorful, and will probably be made once a week during the winter at our house. If you’ve noticed a recurring theme with out recipes, it’s this: they’re fairly quick, they taste good, and they’re packed with protein and/or vegetables, with a little bit of a good carb or starch. […]

Supreme Pizza Soup

I hope I’m not sounding like a broken record here, but this soup was amazing. I mean, I wouldn’t share any recipes with you if they were crap, so you have to believe me when I say they’re all great. But this…I had thirds and fourths of this soup. A few of my teammates were […]