roasted salmon with sriracha and lime juice

Sriracha & Lime Salmon

Omega 3’s, such as those found in oily fish such as salmon, tuna, sturgeon and sardines, are an essential fatty acid. They have been shown to have a host of benefits for athletes, especially weightlifters, including: Faster recovery by reducing inflammation (especially post-workout inflammation, which slows tissue recovery) Decreasing muscle soreness. This is a result […]

Maple-Glazed Salmon

Despite providing you recipes, I’m a mess in the kitchen. I don’t like complicated, and complicated doesn’t like me. But salmon? I’m a champ at cooking salmon. You seriously can’t get any easier than this. Pick up a fresh salmon fillet (I get mine at Costco for anywhere from $13-15), brush it with maple syrup, […]

Mediterranean Salmon

The benefits of salmon are astounding: Omega 3’s, 21.9 grams of complete protein per 3.5 oz serving (complete meaning it contains all 9 amino acids), selenium, and nicin, according to Salmon is easy to cook, as well. I purchase a big 2-3 pound salmon filet at my local Costco. It’s about $16-18 bucks, so […]