Thin Mint Protein Shake

As a weightlifter in the 105+ kilo category, my weight is important. In fact, I need to watch what I eat closely to ensure that I’m getting MORE than enough calories. I’ve been battling for a year to gain (and maintain) an extra 20 pounds. The only time I find this task easy is Girl […]

Parmesan Garlic Quinoa

Have you tried quinoa yet? I hope so. If not, you are missing out. Much like my love for kale, I believe that quinoa is another highly underrated nutritional powerhouse. Quinoa, pronounced like keen-wah, is actually a seed and not a grain. It’s high in protein, offering 8.1 grams* of this awesome macronutrient for every […]

How to Stock an Athlete’s Fridge: Part 1

To eat right, you need to surround yourself with healthy foods, dense proteins, and clean, complex carbs. Stocking your fridge helps you to avoid the temptation of the drive-thru or pizza delivery. But what should you keep in your fridge? Eggs, and lots of them. Eggs are a great way to get a lot of […]

The Most Important Meal for Training

Before you step foot into the gym you may have doomed your workout depending on what you ate before you left your house. Your pre-workout meal can make or break you in training and if it’s not done right, your gains in the gym can be minimized. You’ll probably also feel sluggish and have a guaranteed “off […]