Get Stronger in a Month: 3 Free Programs to Try

Strong Programming. Affordable Pricing. You show up the gym everyday ready to train. Ready to put the work in, sweat, tear up your hands, move your body. But no matter how much you do, your max out days lead to frustration. Maybe you’ve thrown a shaker bottle in frustration. Sound familiar? Training doesn’t have to […]

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Squats vs Pulls

What are the two things you notice about most of the top international lifters that you idolize and look up to? Is it their broad roadmap of a back or their tree trunks for legs? If one or both of those was your answer then you know some of key pieces to being a great […]

The Truth About Online Coaching

Tom Sroka, founder of The Strength Agenda, is a top-level weightlifting competitor, having won the 2013 American Open in the 105+kg division. He was a member on the team at California Strength, as well as an original member of TeamMDUSA. Tom has worked with elite-level coaches like Glenn Pendlay, Travis Mash, Don McCauley and Rudy […]

A Practical Programming Guide

Image Source The perfect program is like a ninja cat holding a golden revolver riding a unicorn, it only exists on the Internet. But seriously, when titling this article I chose the word practical for a reason, it’s a reference you can use. Programming for weightlifting is like folklore, everybody has a story, a way, […]

Free Barbell Programming

Starts Sunday, April 12th! Years ago, I coached the throwing team at a college that had won back to back National titles. My athletes had great technique, so we focused a lot on building their strength and improving their explosive power. When I began training in Weightlifting, I took the Barbell Program I had written […]


Why I’m Leaving MDUSA

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I delved into anything personal on the site, but since this impacts some of the information I share with you, I wanted to share it here. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to leave TeamMDUSA, my training home for the past three-ish years. This past year has been filled […]