BBQ Pork & Pineapple Pizza

Last month, we discussed Carb Backloading as a diet strategy to help you lose fat and gain muscle. Today we’re back with an easy, CBL-friendly recipe for pizza. We used gluten-free pre-made crust (see why I cook gluten-free here), and used leftover pork from this recipe. If you want to get really gourmet, you could […]

Perfect Pork Spare Ribs

There’s something about eating food off the bone. Turkey legs, chicken wings, and ribs: are there any better foods out there? I love ribs off the grill, but sometimes it’s easier to roast them in the oven. It’s less time-consuming than the grill (ribs need to be cooked at 275 degrees for 2-3 hours!) Instead, […]

Hawaiian Ham {Crockpot Recipe}

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, has been shown in some studies to aid in healing. It reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain, especially in joint and tendon injuries. While the results are mixed, it doesn’t hurt to try to add a little extra into your diet. (To get major effects, you’ll have to take a […]

Carnitas Tamale Pie

One of the most popular recipes we’ve shared has been this one for carnitas, or slightly spicy pulled pork in the crockpot. They are easy, fairly cheap, and delicious to make. I usually turn it into a burrito bowl and have this over cilantro-lime rice and beans, and then topped with salsa and sour cream. […]

Parmesan Pork, Brazilian Steakhouse Style

Recently the wife and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. (I know, I know, I’ll make the joke for you: I don’t know how she puts up with me, either.) There are a million reasons why I love this woman, but none more than this: Wife: “I made dinner reservations for our anniversary. It’s supposed […]

5-Minute Shredded BBQ Pork

I don’t love cooking, but I love eating, so I’ve forced myself to learn what to do in the kitchen. No matter how easy something is to make on the stove or oven, I will choose a crockpot meal any day. You literally just throw things in there, plug it in, and walk away. After […]