Ashwagandha: Funny Name, Good Results

Chances are that when you’re perusing your local GNC that the polo-clad employees aren’t throwing out the name ashwagandha too often amongst the plethora of pre-workouts and mass builders that they are hyping. But maybe they should be. With a name that sounds like a mythical land accessible via wardrobe only, ashwagandha might sound a […]

Saving Money on Groceries without Sacrificing Nutrition

image via Groceries are one of the biggest monthly expenses for people, but especially for those who look to eat nutritiously. I’m sure you’ve heard it before: if you want to eat well, you’ll have to pay more. And for the most part, that’s fairly true. If you want to eat quality, nutritionally dense food, […]

Carb Backloading Part 2 – Why?

Image Source  Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Matt Bergeron’s follow up to his first article explaining what exactly Carb Backloading is and why it works. If you haven’t read part one take a look at that before continuing on with this part. Based off of John Keifer’s book, Carb Backloading, this second installment goes […]

The Incredible Egg

Image Source  How many of you make yourself some form of an egg dish first thing in the morning? I know I do, I will usually scramble 4-6 eggs to go along with my breakfast and can’t imagine not having them. Well today’s article is brought to you by our newest guest writer, Greg Nuckols. […]

Force Feeds: Lucas Parker

Image Source  For those of you who don’t know, we do an athlete spotlight series of interviews here at The Strength Agenda that we call Force Feeds. If you are late to the party, be sure to check out our first batch featuring Brandon Lilly, Igor Lukanin, and Elisabeth Akinwale. Our next batch promises to […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Food Log

Image Source Food logs are completely underrated. A lot of weightlifters scoff at the idea of them, for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you think food logs are just for desperate people trying to lose weight, or maybe you think your memory is good enough. Or maybe you just don’t realize how important it can […]

Should Athletes Go Gluten Free? Part 1

So if you look back at all the recipes posted, you will notice that they (for the most part) are gluten free. There is a two part reason for this. 1) My wife Beth is Celiac and therefore cannot eat gluten. Now I enjoy a cheeseburger or pie every once in a while but for […]