One-Pan Enchilada Casserole

Have you ever made a recipe that was so easy, so good, and so filling that you made it every single week for the next month, or is that just me? This recipe is THAT good. It is super simple, and really easy to change up. You can use ground beef, chicken, pork or steak. […]

roasted salmon with sriracha and lime juice

Sriracha & Lime Salmon

Omega 3’s, such as those found in oily fish such as salmon, tuna, sturgeon and sardines, are an essential fatty acid. They have been shown to have a host of benefits for athletes, especially weightlifters, including: Faster recovery by reducing inflammation (especially post-workout inflammation, which slows tissue recovery) Decreasing muscle soreness. This is a result […]

Carnitas Tamale Pie

One of the most popular recipes we’ve shared has been this one for carnitas, or slightly spicy pulled pork in the crockpot. They are easy, fairly cheap, and delicious to make. I usually turn it into a burrito bowl and have this over cilantro-lime rice and beans, and then topped with salsa and sour cream. […]

Enchilada Chicken Bowls {Crockpot Meal}

Some of the most popular recipes on this site are the Crockpot Carnitas and the Barbacoa Beef. Why? Because they’re easy, healthy and more importantly, delicious. This is similar, and does not disappoint. Throw some chicken in a crockpot with enchilada sauce and seasoning, cook, then shred. To make the perfect bowl, we start with […]

Cilantro Lime Rice

I’ve talked about my love of Chipotle before. It does not stop at the carnitas or the barbacoa, both recipes I’ve made at home. But in my opinion, you can’t have a burrito or burrito-bowl at home without this rice. If you’re looking to gain weight like I am, use the butter recommended in this […]