Implications of Training Both Strength and Endurance

Image Source Guest writer John Grace does it again with another solid article for The Strength Agenda. Check out his latest article explaining how training  for optimum strength and endurance is a lot harder than you think and how your body responds to the effects of this training. With CrossFit-style training becoming an extremely popular […]

Developing Power With Olympic Lifts

Whether you are a high school, college, elite level, or amateur competitor, hopefully you have realized the importance of the Olympic lifts and their variations in your training. John Grace, CSCS and coach at the Athletic Lab, provides us with yet another great technical article on how the Olympic lifts can help you and your […]

Overhead Strength For Your Lifts

Here is another great article from our guest writer John Grace. John Grace is a coach at Athletic Lab, based out of Cary, North Carolina. John has his CSCS and USATF Level 1 certifications and coaches youth to professional athletes at Athletic Lab. Check out how to  up your overhead strength and make a possible […]

More Squat Variations

Image source Who doesn’t love to squat? In my opinion the squat is the king of all exercises, but there are times when plain squats get boring. The Strength Agenda gave you an introductory article on squats and some variations to use in training, but we came up with more. Below are some variations that […]