Force Feeds: Dan McKim

Alright boys and girls, I am beyond excited to bring to you our next athlete in our spotlight series, Force Feeds. For those of you who don’t know I use to compete in the Highland Games back in the day. One of the very first interviews we did was with World Champ (now 2-time champ) […]

Force Feeds: Sam Dancer

Image Source  This article is part of an athlete spotlight series that we run for The Strength Agenda called Force Feeds. The purpose of this series is to bring to light men and women across a wide array of strength sports and give you an inside look as to how they get it done. While […]

Force Feed: Greg Nuckols

Image Source  Here it is ladies and gentleman, our latest installment of Force Feeds. For those not aware Force Feeds is an interview series we do highlighting various strength athletes that YOU say you want to hear about. The version covers not only a guys with the brawn to move lots of weight, but the […]

Force Feeds: Lucas Parker

Image Source  For those of you who don’t know, we do an athlete spotlight series of interviews here at The Strength Agenda that we call Force Feeds. If you are late to the party, be sure to check out our first batch featuring Brandon Lilly, Igor Lukanin, and Elisabeth Akinwale. Our next batch promises to […]

Force Feeds: Elisabeth Akinwale

Alright boys and girls, new month, new athlete. For July we have a very special interview for you all: Elisabeth Akinwale. The Outlaw Way athlete and first sponsored CrossFit athlete from MuscleDriverUSA gets it done in many ways and she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Not only is she a force […]

Force Feeds: Sarah Robles

Image Source This month’s Force Feed interview is featuring a weightlifter who has reached the pinnacle of her sport. Sarah Robles is an Olympic Weightlifter for the United States and represented the US at the London 2012 Olympics competing in the 75+ kg category. She was the highest American placer at the Olympics with 120 […]

Force Feeds: Igor Lukanin

Image Source It’s May and you know what means? A brand new Force Feeds article on The Strength Agenda! This month’s interview come from Mother Russia. Igor Lukanin is a weightlifter formerly with the Russian Federation. As with all Russian lifters he has an impressive list of feats of strength displayed on YouTube and is currently […]

Force Feeds: Marshall White

Image Source It’s a new month and we know what that means…a new athlete with a new interview. This month the Force Feed spotlight is on Marshall White, professional strongman. A lot of people claim to be “Strongmen” but few can claim what Marshall can. He is a pro level strongman, has placed top 5 […]

Force Feeds: Matt Vincent

It’s the start of a new month and you know what that means? A new edition of Force Feeds! For the March edition I wanted to bring to you a good friend of mine who has done it all but found his niche in the Highland Games. Not only is Matt a professional highland games […]

Force Feeds – Brandon Lilly

Here at the Strength Agenda we work hard to provide you with information on nutrition, recovery, and training. We want this information to stretch across the various disciplines of strength athletes and give them tools to succeed at whatever they train for. Reading about top athletes and how they got there inspires me, and I […]