The Surprising Benefit of Crockpot Cooking

There’s a time in a man’s life when he just needs to come clean and admit when he’s having a love affair. My name is Tom Sroka and I am in love with my crockpot. There. I said it. And I feel better now. I hope you share my affinity for slow cooker cooking. If […]

Meal Planning for Weightlifters

One of biggest components of eating well is planning. By making grocery lists and meal plans, as well as having a well-stocked pantry and freezer, you can be assured you will eat better. Why? Because you have plenty of healthy foods, in the right quantities, and will never need to go run out to a […]

Why Every Athlete Should Own a Crockpot

Image source The slow cooker in our kitchen is one of the most valuable tools we have, in line with the blender and the grill pan. While the biggest, most obvious benefit of having a slow cooker is that it takes virtually no effort on your part to make dinner, there are tons of other reasons […]

How to Stock an Athlete’s Fridge: Part 1

To eat right, you need to surround yourself with healthy foods, dense proteins, and clean, complex carbs. Stocking your fridge helps you to avoid the temptation of the drive-thru or pizza delivery. But what should you keep in your fridge? Eggs, and lots of them. Eggs are a great way to get a lot of […]

The Most Important Meal for Training

Before you step foot into the gym you may have doomed your workout depending on what you ate before you left your house. Your pre-workout meal can make or break you in training and if it’s not done right, your gains in the gym can be minimized. You’ll probably also feel sluggish and have a guaranteed “off […]