Force Feed: Greg Nuckols

Image Source  Here it is ladies and gentleman, our latest installment of Force Feeds. For those not aware Force Feeds is an interview series we do highlighting various strength athletes that YOU say you want to hear about. The version covers not only a guys with the brawn to move lots of weight, but the […]

Force Feeds-Chad Wesley Smith

Image Source  New month means new athlete interview for our section of the site we like to call Force Feeds. This month features one of the strongest dudes I know: Chad Wesley Smith. The first time I saw videos of this guy he was doing low (below parallel) box squats with 550 pounds for reps […]

Force Feeds: Lucas Parker

Image Source  For those of you who don’t know, we do an athlete spotlight series of interviews here at The Strength Agenda that we call Force Feeds. If you are late to the party, be sure to check out our first batch featuring Brandon Lilly, Igor Lukanin, and Elisabeth Akinwale. Our next batch promises to […]