Squats by Sroka: Srolov


While the squat isn’t a movement judged in competition for weightlifters, it is the foundation of strength. A weak squat will lead to a weak snatch and an even weaker clean. Over time, as you work technique and proficiency in the main lifts, or strength in the pull, your squat can take a backseat, leading to less progress and overall strength. Don’t let that happen to you. For only $29, you get lifetime access to this proven squat program, as well as an exclusive warm-up and cooldown series designed for heavy squat days.



Srolov is a squat program written by Tom Sroka, former TeamMDUSA athlete and American Open champion in 2013. Tom developed this program after his experiences trying Smolov Junior, and has run over fifty athletes through this cycle. Most Russian-derived programs will have training volumes that are so high athletes cannot successfully recover, or at least not without an aspect of their training suffering. With Srolov, you’ll be able to build a bigger squat while still training moderate volumes in the main lifts. Our athletes generally see gains of 5-10 kilos in just a few weeks, with some athletes seeing 10-13 kilos or more!

If you’re ready to take your squat up to the next level, try Srolov.

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Katie B.
 My squats improved to a 10 lb increase with Srolov (after a previous 10lb PR). I can honestly say that my cleans feel stronger and I never have a doubt that I can't stand up.  
 I added 25 kilos to my backsquat (from 175 kilos to 200 kilos) in just a few weeks, and saw instant carryover to my snatch and clean and jerk. Since starting Srolov, my total has increased 37 kilos. 
 In September of 2015, just before my first AO in Reno, I hit a PR back squat of 470lbs. After joining The Strength Agenda and Tom Sroka for the last year and a half, I can now hit double bodyweight+ at 200kg(440lbs) for a 5 sec pause and a max at 505lbs. 

Who Can Benefit from Srolov?

Because this squat program is based on percentages, any athlete from beginner to advanced will benefit. The rep schemes and percentages you’ll be training under are high enough for you to see results, but not so taxing that you can’t continue your regular training. Whether you’re a weightlifter or functional fitness athlete, you’ll build stronger legs and more confidence when standing up with heavy weights.



Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included with Srolov?
“Squats by Sroka: Srolov” includes an instruction manual, along with the secrets as to why Srolov works. We also include exclusive warm-up and cooldown routines, complete with videos.

Why should I pay for this when I can just squat a ton and get stronger?
You can find the principles for nuclear fission on the internet, too — that doesn’t mean you should build an atomic bomb. Building your squat using a proven program that keeps you healthy and doesn’t adversely affect your competition training is a science. We’ve built a roadmap, tested it out on over 50 lifters, and compiled it into one simple document. Why waste time and energy when you can follow a program that’s gotten amazing results?

I’m a coach. Will this work for my team?
Not only will it work, you’re going to be glad you bought it. How much time do you spend programming on a weekly basis? One hour? Two? Even more? For less than the cost of protein powder, you’re getting a 5 week program (6, including test week). That can save you hours of programming time. Plus, unlike writing your own, you know many people have seen results with this, without being too tired to train the snatch and clean + jerk. Our team runs the Srolov squat cycle once a year, and has for several years. Our lifters continue to get stronger on it. It’s a program that pays off in huge returns!

Let’s squat. Get Srolov NOW.