Sports Performance

Good athletes are born. Great athletes are built.

Our full-service strength and conditioning program is individually-designed to maximize an athlete’s talents and strengthen their weaknesses. Whether in-season or out of season, every athlete’s custom plan will help them get stronger, more explosive, and moving better on the field, court or mat.

We’re looking for athletes who are:

  • Motivated to get better
  • Willing to show up several times per week
  • Looking to get noticed by your teammates, coaches and possibly college recruiters

Get Better, Fast.

If this sounds like your athlete, the first step is to setup a free trial session with us, led by one of our expert coaches. Our classes focus on the main elements of athletic performance, including movement, coordination, strength, agility, and speed. If your athlete enjoys the session, we’ll sit down with you and create a custom plan to get the results you expect. Your child will:

  • Eliminate weaknesses, enabling you to make big progress on the field or court
  • Hone the talents and skills you excel at, until you become a master
  • Reduce the risk of sport-specific injuries by strengthening your entire body
  • Learn valuable intrapersonal skills including communication with coaches + teammates, discipline, and self-starting attributes.

Stay Healthy + Get Strong.

As youth athletes specialize in sports at an earlier age than ever, we’re seeing steady streams of athletes come through our doors with over-use injuries, including elbow, shoulder and knee issues. What makes younger athletes so prone to these issues is the rapid development of their body. By continuously making the same several movements over and over and over, like a baseball pitcher, their body creates a specific movement pattern and only engages a few muscles. These muscles grow, and the antagonistic muscles not being used, don’t develop as quickly, if at all. During our initial trial class, we look for these deficiencies, and can create a custom plan to eradicate them. This helps to lessen the chances of chronic, nagging injuries by creating a stronger, healthier joint all-around, without impacting athletic performance.

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Better Kids = Better Athletes.

We pride ourselves on holding our athletes to a higher standard. How you train is how you play, and how you play is who you are. Many of the youth that come through our doors want to play in elite travel leagues, make varsity rosters, or compete in college. The coaches of these organizations will expect athletes to know how to manage their time, communicate scheduling issues, be intrinsically motivated, give their best effort daily, and do the work outside of their sport that makes them a better athlete. Knowing this, we push our athletes to develop their character both on and off the field. While it is ultimately up to the parent, we encourage our athletes to assume scheduling communications with their Sports Performance Coach, communicate their goals, and share their practice and competition schedule so we can best serve them. We look to buoy their confidence as an athlete and a person, and create supportive relationships. Being great in competition is such a small part of being a great athlete, and we look to build better all-around athletes.

Plan + Pricing Information

Our plans have been designed to be flexible to your needs as an athlete. From 2x to 5x weekly, we have a variety of options for our Sports Performance clients. Plans start as low as $11 per session.

Still have questions? Please contact us at any time to speak with one of our friendly coaches.