Get Better Scores in the 2017 Open!

We’re less than 8 weeks away from the launch of the 2017 CrossFit Open. You’ve worked hard this past year to improve your strength and learn new skills, but now is the time to focus on the details that will take your scores from average to amazing.

The majority of the WODs we see programmed in the Open involve low to medium-intensity weights with high rep schemes. Many of these WODs involve other elements like burpees, lunges or pull-ups, meaning you’re working under extreme fatigue when moving the barbell. It is at these moments that form and technique begin to fade, you set the bar down more, you start muscling the movements instead of using the power of the legs + hips, and your score suffers (as does your body).


Tackle the Open with an arsenal of tips + tricks designed to make your barbell movements efficient, giving you faster times and requiring less power and effort. Led by professional barbell specialist, Tom Sroka, this 2-hour workshop will change the way you move the barbell.

During this hands-on workshop, Tom will specifically address:

  • Keeping the bar close for faster, smoother pulls
  • The power position and how to maximize it during cycling
  • Transitions with the barbell and why they can ruin your score

The workshop will focus on snatches, cleans, and other popular barbell movements generally seen in the open, including thrusters, clusters, overhead squats, and deadlifts. This course is appropriate for all skill levels, and even the most experienced athletes will find Tom’s instruction beneficial.

Price: $49. Register HERE.

January 21st, 2017, 2p-4p.


Tom is a top local weightlifting coach and athlete in the Chicago area. Tom got his start professionally weightlifting under Glenn Pendlay and the team at California Strength before transitioning to Team MDUSA, where he continued to train under Glenn, as well as Don McCauley and Travis Mash. Tom began the transition to the National Professional Grid League (NPGL) in 2015. He was drafted as a barbell specialist in the 3rd round of the 2016 NPGL draft by the New York Rhinos. He co-founded Big Shoulders CrossFit in 2015, and now runs The Strength Agenda, a weightlifting and strength + conditioning facility in Elmhurst, IL. The Strength Agenda is home to Team SAW, one of the fastest growing USAW-certified clubs in the Midwest. Tom’s feats of strength and fitness include:

Hang Cleans at 205 lbs.
  • 300 lbs x 3 in the snatch
  • 365 lbs x 2 clean + jerks in 15 seconds
  • 20 unbroken thrusters @ 155 lbs. in 37 seconds
  • 375 lbs x 2 in 10 seconds

In addition to his personal accomplishments, as a coach, Tom has worked with many top Chicago CrossFit athletes including Kristin Miller and Tani Mintz, as well as many other competitive athletes across the world.

Don’t delay. Register today!