Masters Weightlifting Programming

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Masters athletes are some of the most admirable competitors on the platform. Despite your busy lives, aches and pains, and all the trappings that come with being an adult, you still make the decision to show up in the gym, load that bar up, and put the work in.

But chances are, you’ve been following a program that isn’t meant for you. The majority of weightlifting programs on the internet have been designed for junior or senior-aged lifters, and don’t take into account your frustrations:

  • Too little time to train
  • Soreness and nagging pain
  • Infrequent PRs

You deserve a better program. One that helps you become a better, stronger weightlifter, not just one that pushes you through the grind with little results. After working with dozens of masters athletes, we’ve found a program that works, and we’re excited to share it with you. Everyday Masters is an affordable, effective weightlifting program for athletes 35 and up. At just $25/month, you get training sessions delivered to your inbox five times a week!

These sessions include strength work, technique work and accessory movements, combined in a unique balance that allows you to make improvement, get stronger and reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries. We run on the TrainHeroic platform, an easy to use app that allows you to track your progress, automatically calculate percentages, and help you see what you’re working towards. You’ll also get to join our private community of like-minded athletes where you can vent about the stresses of training and life, get encouragement and support, and share victories on and off the platform.

Stop training like a kid. Step up to a program designed for you.

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