Hybrid CrossFit Weightlifting Clinic

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About the Clinic:

Nationally-Ranked Olympic Weightlifter Tom Sroka has teamed up with Hybrid Crossfit to offer a six-hour weightlifting clinic to athletes interested in learning or improving their snatch and clean + jerk techniques. Sessions will consist of instruction in the lifts, interactive training to improve technique, and demonstration of drills and variations for the standard lifts. There will be a short break for lunch.

Tom’s proven coaching will help you to better understand the fundamental movements of the lifts, improve your technique, and be able to lift heavier weights for higher reps. Tom has a full roster of private clients who are CrossFit regional-qualified athletes and other aspiring lifters who can attest to his ability to make you stronger, quicker, and more competitive.

More About Tom:

Tom Sroka is a nationally ranked weightlifter in the USA, training under Glenn Pendlay and Don McCauley on TeamMDUSA. The team, sponsored by MuscleDriverUSA, is the first privately sponsored weightlifting team in the United States. Tom has competed in many national meets, and is the 105+ kilo champion in the 2013 American Open. His personal bests include a 151kg (332 lbs) snatch and 202 kg (445 lbs) clean + jerk. Tom is also the Weightlifting Coach at CrossFit Vitality, CrossFit Weddington, CrossFit Northlake and CrossFit Lake Wylie, located in North and South Carolina.

Tom graduated from Aurora University with a degree in Physical Education with minors in Fitness & Health Promotion and Health Education. With the help of his wife, he runs the popular website TheStrengthAgenda.com, a website devoted to nutrition and recovery information just for strength athletes. In a former athletic life, Tom was a 3-time All-American shot putter and hammer thrower, and a 2-time recipient of the NSCA Strength and Conditioning All-American Award. He has also coached nationally-ranked collegiate athletes and helped secure a National title for the North Central College Men’s Track & Field team.