Eat to Lift: A Guide to Nutrition Basics for Strength Athletes


When asked why I started this website, my answer has always been this: I found no single source of information on nutrition and recovery that I could relate to. As a weightlifter, my coach was telling me to eat. And then eat some more. How I ate was going to be the number one driver of recovery after grueling two-a-day lifting sessions.

I didn’t know where to begin. The websites I did find preached food, but not nutrition. Sure, beef is great, but what about chicken? I mean, isn’t lean meat good? And what about dairy? Is GOMAD a good idea? And what about gluten? A lot of great lifters don’t eat it — does that mean I shouldn’t, too?

I couldn’t get these questions answered anywhere, so I decided to create a place that had them. I’ve tried to build a website that provides no-nonsense nutritional advice with practical ideas (ie, recipes) on how to make it all work. But it’s not enough. The strength community was still missing a guide to explain the ins and outs of strength athlete nutrition as it pertains to building and retaining functional muscle mass, not as it pertains to Crossfit or bodybuilding.

So I wrote a book.

With a degree in fitness and health promotions and plenty of experience as an athlete, teacher, coach and trainer, I was able to put to pen and paper (or computer, rather), everything I thought beginner and intermediate strength athletes should know. And what I didn’t know, I consulted with my teammates, peers and coaches to learn. I think athlete nutrition isn’t just about researched science: some of the best discoveries come from the guys and gals in the gym looking for new solutions. But I’ve also combed through scientific journals looking to base my observations on studies and trials. In the end, what I’ve produced is a 48-page resource that teaches athletes how to fuel their bodies for more effective training and recovery.

Eat to Lift: A Guide to Nutrition Basics for Strength Athletes includes information on the following topics:

  • Macronutrients for Weightlifters
  • Hidden Sources of Inflammation in Your Diet
  • Supplements & Their Role in Your Training
  • How to Structure Meals for Better Performance

Plus, bonus resources include 2 weeks of meal plans, grocery lists and extra recipes. This eBook is a must-have if you want to improve your training. There are no gimmicks here, only solid advice reviewed by my most trusted fellow athletes and coaches. For just $20, you’ll get an invaluable resource to help you become stronger and recover faster.

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