Eat to Lift: Cyber Monday Sale

If you’ve paid any attention to the ever-changing weightlifting community, you’ve surely noticed a recent uptick in nutrition services, counseling, diet plans, and eBooks. TSA_websiteimage

Last year, we wrote an eBook. A year later, our advice still rings true (and is the foundation for many of the nutrition plans circulating on the web).

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Get the book that brought nutrition back to the forefront of weightliftingEat to Lift: A Guide to Nutrition Basics for Strength Athletes will give you all the tools you need to clean up your diet, make sure you’re eating enough to build strength, and give you a look at the “bigger picture” of nutrition for athletes. We don’t focus on just macros — we go further than that. We talk about supplements, vitamins, minerals, meal structuring for better performance, along with advice from the trenches. The book is for athletes, written by athletes.

On Cyber Monday, use promo code CYBERMONDAY to get your eBook for $10 (50% off the normal price.)

Not only will you get the book, but you’ll get a 2 week sample meal plan with coordinating grocery list, as well as exclusive recipes only found in the book. Don’t delay…the promo code expires at midnight on December 1st, 2014! Buy your book now.

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