Life Hack Pt. 2: Hand Care

Image Source  When I first moved out to California to train under Glenn Pendlay, Donny Shankle look at my hands one night at dinner and said “Boy, better clean those hands up or you’ll be sorry.” Sure thing the next day wer were working doubles in the snatch and guess what? I ripped a big […]

Lacing your shoes to prevent heel slipping

Image Source I had a problem. Every time I hit my split jerk, I felt like my back heel was sliding up out of my shoe. It wasn’t a huge problem, but it was a nuisance. In a sport where absolute focus is required for success, nuisances can throw you off your game. The thing […]

The Unrivaled Classic Weightlifting Meet

In an effort to promote all strength sports across the country we wanted to start dedicating posts to events we feel are well run and offer not only a quality experience to the athletes competing in the event but to the spectators as well. The Unrivaled Classic Weightlifting Meet being held at Crossfit Unrivaled in […]

2015 NPGL Pre Season Rankings

Image Source  Alright, so most of the posts we provide you with here are factual and supply you with useful information. But today is not one of those posts. As most of you know I have been recently involved with the “Grid League” competing for a minor league team for the DC Brawlers. For those […]

The Strength Agenda Way Pt. 3

Image Source The Strength Agenda Way Barbell Program is a program that I have used for years before my weightlifting days and continued to use with athletes of all backgrounds and the results have all been the same: you are going to get stronger off of the program. As promised we are going into depth on each […]

The Strength Agenda Way pt.1

Image Source  So for those of you who are unaware, The Strength Agenda has a weekly newsletter that goes out and we offer free barbell programming. If you aren’t signed up for the newsletter and receiving our free program don’t worry click here and get yourself stronger. Since the start of the program we are […]

Time To Drop It Low

Image Source  Despite all of the evidence and all of the arguments regarding squats and the proper depth of squats, it’s a topic that continues to spark discussion. Some people are comfortable in the power position, some are more comfortable in the hole. Whatever your comfort level, here are some reasons why squatting below parallel […]

The Persistence of Memory

Image Source  If you have children (heck, even if you don’t), you probably have heard the song “Let It Go.” If you’re blessed enough to have avoided the tidal wave that was Frozen, you’re still probably familiar with this phrase and its meaning. I’d bet my Adistars that every coach has said some variation of […]