Ashwagandha: Funny Name, Good Results

Chances are that when you’re perusing your local GNC that the polo-clad employees aren’t throwing out the name ashwagandha too often amongst the plethora of pre-workouts and mass builders that they are hyping. But maybe they should be. With a name that sounds like a mythical land accessible via wardrobe only, ashwagandha might sound a […]

Beta Alanine: Should This be In Your Gym Bag?

How many times have you taken a pre-workout supplement and a few minutes later you started feeling itchy? Some people say it feels like their skin is tingling or that their ears are getting warm and itchy. Have you ever felt like this? Don’t worry, there is no need to go see a doctor. The […]

The Strength Agenda Supplement Review: HMB

Image Source HMB has been referred to as “the best supplement ever” to “the biggest waste of money” but who knows what to believe these days. Being skeptical of the supplement myself I decided to do a trial with Blonyx HMB during my latest training cycle. But before I give you my personal opinion on this supplement […]

Force Feed: Greg Nuckols

Image Source  Here it is ladies and gentleman, our latest installment of Force Feeds. For those not aware Force Feeds is an interview series we do highlighting various strength athletes that YOU say you want to hear about. The version covers not only a guys with the brawn to move lots of weight, but the […]

Caffeine: The Great Igniter

Image Source  We have a new guest writer, Matt Bergeron. Besides being a lifter on Team MDUSA, Matt recently graduated from Ball State University with a Masters in Exercise Science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the NSCA. He brings a lot of knowledge with his writing and has a lot to […]

Creatine Monohydrate: Is It Right For You?

image source Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most widely used supplements in the fitness industry. Every supplement company has their own creatine supplement and claims on how theirs is the best on the market. Despite being one of the most researched and studied supplements out there are still plenty of misguided reports regarding creatine […]

The Three Best Articles On Training

While new discussions pop up often, oftentimes the most recent discussions in the strength communities are recycled topics that have been debated for years. Some of the most popular topics include fish oil benefits and dosage, BCAAs, and pre-workout meals. Check out our most popular articles on these topics: Fish oil: Powerlifter James Styler goes over […]

The Importance of Omega 3s

Image Source In my experience it seems that as you transition from a beginner into a more seasoned athlete, their awareness of nutrition, supplementation and the needs that should be met, is increased. This is a good thing, as generally speaking experienced weight training athletes will benefit from an inclusion of certain supplements into their diet. […]