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How to Replace Your Massage Therapist for $25

Disclosure: Links in this post, like many others, are affiliate links. These small commissions really add up and help support The Strength Agenda, and we appreciate you using them! If you haven’t caught the documentary “Born Strong,” it’s really an awesome watch. It follows the story of four of the strongest men in the world […]

Get Stronger in a Month: 3 Free Programs to Try

Strong Programming. Affordable Pricing. You show up the gym everyday ready to train. Ready to put the work in, sweat, tear up your hands, move your body. But no matter how much you do, your max out days lead to frustration. Maybe you’ve thrown a shaker bottle in frustration. Sound familiar? Training doesn’t have to […]

Life Hack Pt. 1: CNS Recovery

Image Source  No matter what type of training or competitions you partake in, you need your Central Nervous System, or CNS. The CNS is the complex of nerve tissues that controls the activities of the body. In vertebrates it comprises of the brain and spinal cord. The more explosive you need to be, the bigger a […]

The One Thing I Use Daily to Be a Better Athlete

I don’t think anyone would argue with me when I say that sleep is one of the most necessary and effective recovery tools for every body, but especially for athletes. Not only is sleep essential to let your muscles rest and heal, but what you sleep on will greatly impact the health of your spine […]

Building Better Shoulder Stability for Overhead Strength and Health

Image Source  Mobility has been a buzzword in the weightlifting and CrossFit realm for quite some time, and for good reason.  But it’s the other half of the spectrum, stability, that needs a little more love.  Focusing on mobility work without incorporating stability is like cutting the brake line on your supercharged Corvette.  Sure you can […]

Keep It Stupid Simple: Easy Tips For Keeping Those Shoulders Healthy

Image Source  How important is that warm-up anyways?  Remember when we used to go to “gym” class as a kid and the PE teacher would go through some boring warm-up exercises. These probably centered around things like arm circles, neck stretches, jumping jacks…the usual stuff. What everyone really wanted to do was jump right into […]

Force Feeds: Dan McKim

Alright boys and girls, I am beyond excited to bring to you our next athlete in our spotlight series, Force Feeds. For those of you who don’t know I use to compete in the Highland Games back in the day. One of the very first interviews we did was with World Champ (now 2-time champ) […]

Yoga for Weightlifters: Yay or Nay?

Hi guys, Tom here. Today we have a guest post by a familiar behinds-the-scene face here at The Strength Agenda: my wife, Beth. You may know her as the chief cook around these parts. She is a yoga instructor who specializes in, what else, working with strength athletes. I’ve done yoga on and off since […]