Carb Backloading Part 2 – Why?

Image Source  Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Matt Bergeron’s follow up to his first article explaining what exactly Carb Backloading is and why it works. If you haven’t read part one take a look at that before continuing on with this part. Based off of John Keifer’s book, Carb Backloading, this second installment goes […]

Introduction To The Zone Diet

Image Source Today’s article features a new guest writer to The Strength Agenda. Tim Rawlings is a member of Team MDUSA and also happens to be my roommate. Both Tim and his brother, Will Rawlings owner of Superior Athletic Advantage in Barrington, IL, have studied and implemented the Zone Diet in their training programs with […]

The Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

Image Courtesy of Bos Creek’s Facebook Page I believe in beef as part of the recovery process. Maybe you’ve heard that grass-fed beef is better for you, but haven’t done any research into it further. Maybe you know some of the benefits, but need a little push to give it a try. I, too had heard […]

5 Reasons You Should Eat More Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are, hands down, one of the best carbohydrates an athlete can consume. From runners to weightlifters to swimmers, sweet potatoes offer athletes a superior complex carb that is stored, then efficiently broken down for future energy needs. Because carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy, your daily diet should hover around 40% […]

Bacon, Avocado & Cilantro Salad

Psst…have you heard about our next big project? We need your help! Click here to learn more. As an athlete, you hear a lot about the big macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. For protein, you hear “Eat a lot of it, and keep it lean.” For carbs, the battle wages on about how much is […]

3-Ingredient Applesauce

The thing I hate most about so-called “low carb diets” is the myth that fruit is bad for you. Who said that, and why did they think it was smart? Fruit is amazing for any person, but especially athletes. It’s a simple carbohydrate, meaning your body can break it down and utilize it as fuel […]

Beef & Bacon Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…meat and sweet potatoes? Can that even taste good? It does. It really, really does. When it comes to eating, especially post-workout meals, you have to think of your nutrition as the old adage “form follows function.” In this case, taste follows function. Your meals need to be composed of […]