Building Better Shoulder Stability for Overhead Strength and Health

Image Source  Mobility has been a buzzword in the weightlifting and CrossFit realm for quite some time, and for good reason.  But it’s the other half of the spectrum, stability, that needs a little more love.  Focusing on mobility work without incorporating stability is like cutting the brake line on your supercharged Corvette.  Sure you can […]

Keep It Stupid Simple: Easy Tips For Keeping Those Shoulders Healthy

Image Source  How important is that warm-up anyways?  Remember when we used to go to “gym” class as a kid and the PE teacher would go through some boring warm-up exercises. These probably centered around things like arm circles, neck stretches, jumping jacks…the usual stuff. What everyone really wanted to do was jump right into […]

Strength Athletes & Eating Disorders

Image Source Eating Disorders (EDs) aren’t talked about much. If they are, it’s usually in conjunction with a dramatic Lifetime movie. However EDs do exist in real life and can even be found in strength sports.  33% of males and  62% of females in sports focused on aesthetics and weight classes are affected by them […]

Quick Fixes To Alleviate Knee Pain

When it comes to knee pain or any other pain in general, lots of folks fall into the trap of trying to treat the area that is hurting them rather than looking for the root of the problem. The human body is an amazing system of checks and balances and lots of people forget that. […]

Rocktape for Knee Support/Pain

Image Source Besides having some of the best recipes for strength athletes on the web, another goal of The Strength Agenda is to provide you with articles and videos about recovery, mobility, and training tips that can help you get after it in the gym harder than the last time. You may not have a […]