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You’re Fired: 5 Reasons to Dump Your Olympic Weightlifting Coach

By Amber Sheppard This piece was written by Amber Sheppard, a weightlifting coach and all-around awesome human out of Mississippi. Amber founded and currently runs the non-profit Mississippi Barbell, the first USAW club in that state. She is the top ranked female USA Weightlifting coach in Mississippi, has coached national and international athletes (medalists in power lifting […]

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How to Tell You Need a Weightlifting Coach

If this article had been written ten years ago, the advice would have been different. It wouldn’t have been “Do you need a weightlifting coach?”. It would have been “Good luck finding one, whether you need one or not.”. Thanks to a surging popularity in the sport combined with major advancements in technology and social […]

Free 2015 American Open Prep

Image Source How many of you have qualified for the American Open or are about to qualify? Are you training alone or having trouble with your programming? If you are lacking motivation or encouragement to stick to a program with a solid support system leading up to Reno The Strength Agenda Performance might have a […]

2015 USAW Nationals Recap

Image Source   After traveling back from Dallas, TX and partaking in a little R&R myself, it’s time to get back on the horse. I had intentions of writing a preview before heading out on nationals but since I didn’t, lucky you for getting a longer post. First and foremost, if you are a fan […]

Strength Athletes & Eating Disorders

Image Source Eating Disorders (EDs) aren’t talked about much. If they are, it’s usually in conjunction with a dramatic Lifetime movie. However EDs do exist in real life and can even be found in strength sports.  33% of males and  62% of females in sports focused on aesthetics and weight classes are affected by them […]

Thoughts from a Weightlifting Coach

There are coaches of the weightlifting lifts and weightlifting coaches.  Not sure if that makes sense, but I will try to make a point at some time throughout this post/rant.  Stick with me.  I came into the sport of weightlifting through CrossFit about 2 1/2 years ago.  I had seen Weightlifting in the Olympics, and call […]