Athlete Essentials


Calphalon Grill Pan – Perfect for grilling meat, seafood, and veggies.

A crockpot with an automatic shut-off/timer, like this one.

NutriBullet. I’ve talked about it here. I LOVE this thing.

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 18-inch j-fit High Density Foam Roller – This is what I roll out on every single day at home. I’ve used it for over a year and it shows no signs of wear and tear or compression. The 18-inch size is a perfect size to bring with to the gym or to tuck away in a corner of your house.

MDUSA Recovery Band Plus – Check out the VooDoo flossing tutorial on how to get the maximum effect.

Epsom Salt – Perfect for sore muscles post-training.


Pure-Strength Slim-Gym Rack – a must-have for garage gyms!

Mark Bell’s SlingShot


USP Lab’s Modern BCAA’s – Read our article on why you need BCAA’s here.