The SAW Showdown 2017: Chicago Weightlifting Meet

Chicago has strong weightlifting roots, and The Strength Agenda is committed to push for continued growth in our local community. While much of our efforts to share our knowledge and experience is open to all, we’re excited to run The SAW Showdown as a unique opportunity for lifters in the Midwest area.

the strength agenda meet 2017

This year, the SAW Showdown is going to be unlike any other local meet this area has seen. With the help of our sponsors, Eleiko, AthletePS, Hand Armor Chalk, GoPolar Cryotherapy and AverageBroz Stretch Tape, we’re serving up an energetic, quality meet similar to what you’d experience as a national competitor. Our platform will feature Eleiko equipment, the entire event will be livestreamed via LiftCastTV, and each and every competitor is walking away with a swag bag that includes premium tees and goodies from our sponsors.

saw showdown 2017, team saw

Our venue, the MAX in McCook, is a 150,000 square foot multi-purpose facility designed to combine the benefits of a full-sized outdoor field with the shelter of a 40-foot high clear-span roof – the first of its kind in Chicago. We’re running our event in conjunction with a major grappling tournament, which will add to the excitement and energy of the competition, will promote the sport of weightlifting to other athletes, and encourage a larger crowd of spectators.

In addition to all the bells and whistles, we’re also committed to the basics that every meet should have: smaller, organized sessions to keep everything on time, fresh judges every session to encourage fair, consistent judging, and clear communication between the organizers, competitors, and coaches. In addition, we’ve also invested in a medical-grade calibrated scale for weigh-ins.

We sold out last year, and we’re confident registrations will go quickly. Don’t delay, register today.

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