Life Hack Pt. 2: Hand Care

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When I first moved out to California to train under Glenn Pendlay, Donny Shankle look at my hands one night at dinner and said “Boy, better clean those hands up or you’ll be sorry.” Sure thing the next day wer were working doubles in the snatch and guess what? I ripped a big callus right in the middle of my hand and couldn’t grip a bar for a few days until it scabbed over. If you are a slave to the iron game you are “you know what” if your hands go or you tear a nice big callus. Don’t short yourself quality training or slow down the process of progress because you neglected your hands and taking care of them.

But there are so many products our there that promise smooth hands, clean hands, this or that, but we have a cheap effective way to maintain your hands. What do you need? It’s simple, you need an older shaving razor, hot water, and 5 minutes of your time 2-3 times a week depending on how bad your hands get.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After training get a nice hot shower going for you, you deserve it after all the hard work you just put in. The hotter the better.
  2. Grab an older razor and place it in your soap tray as you start your routine.
  3. Go about your business like you normally do. No one likes a smelly person and don’t forget to wash behind your ears and between your toes!
  4. Once you are done and before you turn the water off, grab the razor.
  5. Take one hand and outstretch the hand as best as possible revealing all of your hard earned calluses.
  6. Take said razor and run it across the top of your calluses. Be careful not to take them down to low or you can hit a nerve and your hands will kill you as much as if you tore a callus.
  7. Clean out the razor and place it back in the soap tray or the drawer.

The purpose of the hot water is the heat and steam softens the hands and makes them easier to work with. After a few swipes you should be able to take the top off your round callus and this will prevent them from catching one your next lift and tearing. Again please don’t take the calluses too low or you will cause more harm then good.

Hand care is a must and if you are in the iron game a torn callus is bad deal. Use this tip and take 5 minutes after your shower and keep your calluses in check. Until next time, train hard, lift heavy, and continue to get better ever day!

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