Lacing your shoes to prevent heel slipping

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I had a problem. Every time I hit my split jerk, I felt like my back heel was sliding up out of my shoe. It wasn’t a huge problem, but it was a nuisance. In a sport where absolute focus is required for success, nuisances can throw you off your game.

The thing was that my shoes fit well, but I just didn’t feel like they were getting snug enough when I tied them. I found my answer in an unlikely resource: cross country runners.

For long distance runners, a little bit of heel slipping over the course of a race means painful blisters by the time you cross the finish line. So, runners have come up with alternate ways of lacing their shoes to prevent this problem. I found two ways that work with either the 2008 Adistars or the Romaleo II’s.

First for the Adistars, you’re going to use the last pair of eyelets on either side in a different way.

First, you lace your shoes as normal up to the second to last eyelet.

[Pic 1]

Then, you take the lace and put it through the eyelet on the same side rather than crossing it as you typically would.

[Pic 2]

Now you will take the excess lace from the inside of the shoe and run it through the loop on the opposite side.

[Pic 3]

That’s it! Just tighten them down at this point. This helps to draw together the upper part of the shoe closest to your ankle. Loosening and tightening the laces will be a little different than standard lacing, but I’ve worn mine this way for a long time and it doesn’t take me any more time than usual.

[Pic 4]

The Romaleos don’t have that additional eyelet closest to the ankle, so the lacing strategy will be a little different. This time, you will once again lace the shoes as normal, leaving the top eyelet empty.

[Pic 5]

However, instead of looping the lace outside of the shoe, you will do the same thing from the inside of the shoe as seen here.

[Pic 6]

Then, you will do the same thing from the other side, taking the lace through the loop you created in the previous step.

[Pic 7]

That’s it. Now, you’ll just tighten down the laces as normal.

[Pic 8]

If you’ve had trouble feeling like your heel is moving too much in your shoes, try these lacing styles to see if they help.



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