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How many of you have qualified for the American Open or are about to qualify? Are you training alone or having trouble with your programming? If you are lacking motivation or encouragement to stick to a program with a solid support system leading up to Reno The Strength Agenda Performance might have a solution to assist  you.  Back in May, a version of the LSUS weightlifting program created by Dr. Kyle Pierce was posted with a periodized approach to weightlifting and peaking for big meets. As a coach and athlete I was intrigued by the program as it was unlike anything I had followed before. So with some experimentation and personal tweaking of the program I feel like I have a great template that I want to share with folks who may be struggling with their programming or are simply looking for a community to be apart of. The best part about this program is I am offering it for free. The only catch (if that’s what you want to call it) is I am asking that you become part of a Facebook page. The purpose of the page is simply for us to keep track of who is doing the program and track results the best we can. It will also streamline the questions and any clarifications that may be needed throughout the duration of the program.

Now for the specifics of the group itself: The program that will be posted will be 5 days a week, when you take your rest days will be completely up to you. I have seen folks do 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on with success and I have also seen success with 5 days in a row of training. The program will be posted the night before so you have ample time to prepare for the following training session. Myself as well as two of my athletes Erin McDaniel and Chris Branam will be moderators of the group answering any and all questions that come up. The program will cover your main work for the day as well as general accessory work but IS NOT individualized. For an individualized programs please see our tab on the main site or message me directly about what is offered through Team SAW (Strength Agenda Way). Video review is available upon request for a very small fee (please inquire within the group for those details). Coaching at meets is not offered with this program either. The purpose of this program is a guide and gathering place for like minded folks to talk shop, ask questions, and rely on each other for motivation on those days where things aren’t going your way.

If this is something you are interested in you can join the group by clicking the link here and receive the free program. Starting Monday September 14th, 2015 we will be 12 weeks out from the American Open in Reno, NV. The program will consist of 3 four week microcycles with a deload built in at the end of each cycle. The third microcycle will include a taper for the meet itself as well as a discussion on picking opening attempts and how to plan attempts for the meet. We are very excited to offer this service and if the interest is there we want to make this a yearly thing and possibly add in a prep program for nationals as well. We look forward to working with you and watching you succeed when it counts. Get signed up as the first day of the program will be posted Sunday September 13th, 2015 by 8:00 pm CST.

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    thanks for this Tom. looking forward to the programming.

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