Cowboy Rub [made with afroBREWtality’s Black Cocaine Coffee]

I’m a HUGE fan of Afrobrutality’s merchandise, gear, instagram account, and their line of coffee, afroBREWtality. In full disclosure, they’re one of my personal sponsors, but they did not ask me to write this, create the recipe, or share it with you. I believe in telling you about products that I love and that I personally use, without the fluff or bullshit.

That said, I love their Black Cocaine coffee so much. I love to drink it. Every morning, I wake up and grind the whole beans. Sure, it’s more work, but dang, I love the way it makes my kitchen smell. So with that in my brain, I thought about recreating a spice mix that is delicious and contains coffee. With some loose measuring, a bowl, and my fresh ground Black Cocaine, I made a killer batch of Cowboy Rub and had some sizzling, delicious steaks 15 minutes later.

Make this stuff today…it’s perfect for the summer grilling season!


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