Building Better Shoulder Stability for Overhead Strength and Health

Image Source  Mobility has been a buzzword in the weightlifting and CrossFit realm for quite some time, and for good reason.  But it’s the other half of the spectrum, stability, that needs a little more love.  Focusing on mobility work without incorporating stability is like cutting the brake line on your supercharged Corvette.  Sure you can […]

Time To Drop It Low

Image Source  Despite all of the evidence and all of the arguments regarding squats and the proper depth of squats, it’s a topic that continues to spark discussion. Some people are comfortable in the power position, some are more comfortable in the hole. Whatever your comfort level, here are some reasons why squatting below parallel […]

The Persistence of Memory

Image Source  If you have children (heck, even if you don’t), you probably have heard the song “Let It Go.” If you’re blessed enough to have avoided the tidal wave that was Frozen, you’re still probably familiar with this phrase and its meaning. I’d bet my Adistars that every coach has said some variation of […]

A Practical Programming Guide

Image Source The perfect program is like a ninja cat holding a golden revolver riding a unicorn, it only exists on the Internet. But seriously, when titling this article I chose the word practical for a reason, it’s a reference you can use. Programming for weightlifting is like folklore, everybody has a story, a way, […]

Free Barbell Programming

Starts Sunday, April 12th! Years ago, I coached the throwing team at a college that had won back to back National titles. My athletes had great technique, so we focused a lot on building their strength and improving their explosive power. When I began training in Weightlifting, I took the Barbell Program I had written […]