Keep It Stupid Simple: Easy Tips For Keeping Those Shoulders Healthy

Image Source  How important is that warm-up anyways?  Remember when we used to go to “gym” class as a kid and the PE teacher would go through some boring warm-up exercises. These probably centered around things like arm circles, neck stretches, jumping jacks…the usual stuff. What everyone really wanted to do was jump right into […]

5 Tips for Starting a Barbell Club

Image Source Alright.  We are going to keep this short and sweet, no need for an advanced degree on this one.  I am going to give 5 tips for starting a barbell club, because 5 is less than 6 and it sounds good.  I have recently gone through the process myself as a CrossFit owner […]

Strength Athletes & Eating Disorders

Image Source Eating Disorders (EDs) aren’t talked about much. If they are, it’s usually in conjunction with a dramatic Lifetime movie. However EDs do exist in real life and can even be found in strength sports.  33% of males and  62% of females in sports focused on aesthetics and weight classes are affected by them […]

Proper Back Angles During the Pull

Image Source Often when teaching lifters how the pull really works I often use the phrase “Use your legs.” So this article will be interesting in that it’s going to be all about how to use your back, properly. Whenever we discuss technique it’s important to understand that we are trying to get the lifter […]

Thoughts from a Weightlifting Coach

There are coaches of the weightlifting lifts and weightlifting coaches.  Not sure if that makes sense, but I will try to make a point at some time throughout this post/rant.  Stick with me.  I came into the sport of weightlifting through CrossFit about 2 1/2 years ago.  I had seen Weightlifting in the Olympics, and call […]

3 Things to Make That Jerk Work

Image Source  The Jerk, comes after the clean or sometimes it’s taken out of the rack or off a set of blocks. The third component of the Olympic style lifts is as much of a skill as the snatch but is often bullied around like the clean when going for heavy load. What a lot […]