Why I’m Leaving MDUSA

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I delved into anything personal on the site, but since this impacts some of the information I share with you, I wanted to share it here. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to leave TeamMDUSA, my training home for the past three-ish years. This past year has been filled with lots of highs with few lows, but most of my lows came in the form of my progress and performance as an athlete. I’ve been spinning my wheels for a long time and I know that I am better than what I have shown. If you want different results, you’ve got to do things differently. Therefore I decided to take full control of my training and prove the best is yet to come.

I have goals I set out three years ago that still need to be accomplished and I plan on doing just that. The path may not the same anymore but the end result still remains. I appreciate all the support and feedback that I have received over the years and will continue to appreciate the support moving forward. This community is one of the best I have ever been around and provides me with plenty of opportunities to share my knowledge and resources with it and grow as a result.

MDUSA has done what no other entity in the United States has done for weightlifting in recent history. Muscledriver has provided athletes from all over the country with a facility to train at, some of the best equipment to use, coaching from some of the top minds in the sport itself, a stipend to help offset living expenses, travel and meet compensation, and the ability to build and grow your own business if you choose to do so. I have been lucky to be one of the original members of the team, and I wish them continued success.

I will miss the training partners that became my second family. Leaving them has been the hardest part of this decision. However, I am feeling excited about my new plans. I’m excited to say that I will be working with Rudy Nielsen and the other folks over at The Outlaw Way. I’ll be coaching the weightlifting portion of the Outlaw camps. As for my own training, it’s back to pushing the squats, strength work, and getting my consistency with heavier weights back so I can get back to my best lifts first and then move right past them.

Rest assured I’ll be sharing my training progress, plus all the new things I learn talking to other athletes and coaches. I plan to put my extra time and energy into growing this site into what I’ve always imagined it could be. Onward and upward.

  1. Nicole left a comment on January 2, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Wonderfully written. We’re all rooting for you and know you can achieve anything! Good luck!

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