One-Pan Enchilada Casserole

Have you ever made a recipe that was so easy, so good, and so filling that you made it every single week for the next month, or is that just me? This recipe is THAT good. It is super simple, and really easy to change up. You can use ground beef, chicken, pork or steak. […]

Quick Fixes To Alleviate Knee Pain

When it comes to knee pain or any other pain in general, lots of folks fall into the trap of trying to treat the area that is hurting them rather than looking for the root of the problem. The human body is an amazing system of checks and balances and lots of people forget that. […]

Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

I try to eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, or rice at lunch and dinner. I find it helps my recovery and gives me more energy than sticking to mostly protein/fat and simple carbs like veggies. It’s easiest for me to make a big batch of potato salad or mashed potatoes on Sunday, and have this ready […]