Easy Key Lime Pie

Homemade Key Lime Pie

By now, you should know what we believe in: good food, real food, and lots of it. Eat your protein, eat your fat, and mix in carbs when you’re training hard. And most importantly, indulge yourself when a craving hits or when you’ve been working hard. Desserts are not off-limits, but rather, done right. By […]

BBQ Pork & Pineapple Pizza

Last month, we discussed Carb Backloading as a diet strategy to help you lose fat and gain muscle. Today we’re back with an easy, CBL-friendly recipe for pizza. We used gluten-free pre-made crust (see why I cook gluten-free here), and used leftover pork from this recipe. If you want to get really gourmet, you could […]

Beta Alanine: Should This be In Your Gym Bag?

How many times have you taken a pre-workout supplement and a few minutes later you started feeling itchy? Some people say it feels like their skin is tingling or that their ears are getting warm and itchy. Have you ever felt like this? Don’t worry, there is no need to go see a doctor. The […]

Spicy Corn Salsa

With summer fast-approaching, the Strength Agenda kitchen tends to shift towards fresh, easy meals with lots of produce. Buying in-season tends to be cheaper, and the flavor of all your veggies superior to the winter varieties. It’s still a little early for fresh tomatoes, so we tend to make a few bowls of this corn […]