What I’m Digging – Winter 2014 Edition

In the past, I’ve talked about some of my favorite things that help me be a better athlete, both inside and outside of the gym. Here’s a short list of what I’m digging now and why:

Epsom salts. These are still high on my list. A couple times a week (usually on days when I have two training sessions) I will soak in as hot of water as I can stand for 10-15 minutes and follow that up with an ice cold shower for a quick contrast that makes me feel ready for the next training session. They are very effective as a muscle soak and sometimes just good for a hand or foot soak. I’m still partial to this muscle soak, but regular ol’ epsom salt like this will still help your aching muscles.

The Nutribullet. I’ve talked about it here, and my mind hasn’t changed. It is still the best way hands down to make sure I get enough fruit and veggies throughout the day. Quite possibly one of my favorite and easiest ¬†things to use on a daily basis.

Portable stim units. I have 2…a really pricey MarcPro (here, if you’re interested), and this cheap one. Funny enough, I actually like the cheap one better for my shoulders and forearms because of the intermittent pulses and variable speed. The MarcPro is the ultimate though, and I’d invest in it all over again if I had to. I got my first one from Kelly Starrett and when it broke, I wasted no time replacing it. I’m going to do a nice write-up on the MarcPro in the future, and hope to work out a discount or coupon code for you, so stay tuned!

This singlet. The “anti-slip Kevlar” helps you when you’re racking cleans. Maybe it just offers a mental edge, but I like it. I prefer the ones with sleeves but they are hard to find these days but these are next best ones in my opinion.

The new Recovery Bands by MDUSA. I love how long they are. I use the red on my arms, green on my knees and my wrist. (If you don’t know how to use them, check out my VooDoo Flossing tutorial here.) And worth noting,¬†MuscleDriver does sponsor me as an athlete, but I was not asked to promote their product, nor was I compensated for it. I just really like them!

What’s been working for you lately?

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