Chili for Breakfast

Breakfast Chili

Contrary to the title, this chili isn’t only for breakfast. Instead, it just refers to amping up your usual bowl by adding 1-3 eggs to your bowl. For lunch or dinner, the added protein helps prep or recover after a workout. As a breakfast, the beans in the chili, along with the eggs and beef, help to keep you full longer. Overall, this idea is simple, nutritious and fast…all characteristics we love in meals.

Start with your favorite chili (recipe for my favorite chipotle bacon chili here), crack a few eggs in a hot pan with a little bit of butter, and add to the bowl. I like having this with avocado, sour cream and cheese. The additional fats are a great way to balance out the extra protein you’re ingesting (protein and fats always do better when eaten together).


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