New Year's Resolutions for athletes

The Quick Guide to Goal Setting for Athletes

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It’s that time again, when resolutions and to-do lists rule our lives, when gyms become crowded with those who hope to get in better shape in the new year, and when thousands of people start diets in hopes of shedding those pounds.

And in just a few weeks, these resolutions will have been dropped, gym attendance will be down, and junk food will reign supreme.

So how do you change old habits? How do you as an athlete become faster, stronger or more flexible?

  1. Set realistic goals. In short, your goals need to be concrete, time-sensitive, and able to be broken into smaller pieces. Check out our write up from last year for more tips on setting goals.
  2. Give yourself a physical reminder. Whether this is setting up an alarm or reminder on your phone to go to the gym, putting a picture on your fridge of your favorite strength athlete, or watching your favorite lifting video in the mornings, give yourself a reminder daily of what you’re working towards.
  3. Address your weak points. If you know you skip workouts after work, eliminate your excuses. Pack a gym bag to always keep in the car. If you eat poorly because you don’t think you have time to cook, spend a few hours on the weekend prepping meals. If you tend to take it easy at the gym, find a partner to motivate you through the final tough parts of your workout, or write down what you do and share it with someone after.
  4. Seek out the help of a competent coach or trainer. A great coach can not only help you get stronger with better programming and technique help, but they can aid you in setting realistic goals and keeping you on track to reach them. If you’re looking for an experienced coach with a proven program, reach out to us here. We’ll help you analyze your goals and make an appropriate plan to get you there.

Make 2017 the year of getting better, physically and mentally. Good luck!

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