The Strength Agenda Supplement Review: HMB

Image Source HMB has been referred to as “the best supplement ever” to “the biggest waste of money” but who knows what to believe these days. Being skeptical of the supplement myself I decided to do a trial with Blonyx HMB during my latest training cycle. But before I give you my personal opinion on this supplement […]

Force Feed: Greg Nuckols

Image Source  Here it is ladies and gentleman, our latest installment of Force Feeds. For those not aware Force Feeds is an interview series we do highlighting various strength athletes that YOU say you want to hear about. The version covers not only a guys with the brawn to move lots of weight, but the […]

Chili for Breakfast

Breakfast Chili

Contrary to the title, this chili isn’t only for breakfast. Instead, it just refers to amping up your usual bowl by adding 1-3 eggs to your bowl. For lunch or dinner, the added protein helps prep or recover after a workout. As a breakfast, the beans in the chili, along with the eggs and beef, […]

10 Signs To Look For When Picking A Coach

Image Source  Ara Parasheghian, football coach at the University of Notre Dame, once said “A good coach will make his (athletes) see what they can be rather than what they are.” No matter the age or competitive level, most of us involved in sports need a coach of some sort. Whether you rely on a […]

New Year's Resolutions for athletes

The Quick Guide to Goal Setting for Athletes

Photo Source It’s that time again, when resolutions and to-do lists rule our lives, when gyms become crowded with those who hope to get in better shape in the new year, and when thousands of people start diets in hopes of shedding those pounds. And in just a few weeks, these resolutions will have been […]