Cinnamon In Your Coffee…

Image SourceĀ  I know you can name more than one thing you enjoy that has been flavored by cinnamon right? Cinnamon is derived from the bark of trees found in Asia and has been widely used in the ancient world to treat various illnesses from common colds to diarrhea. It is also loaded with manganese […]

Greek Lemon & Rice Chicken Soup

I think there’s a big misconception by weightlifters and non-weightlifters alike. They look at a bigger guy like me and think, “Man, his diet must be terrible.” I have to explain to a lot of people when they see me at the local Waffle House with a plate of burgers and two chocolate chip waffles […]

Enter Your Award Winning Chili Recipes Now!

‘Tis the season for chili, so you know what that means: the 2nd annual Strength Agenda chili cook-off! Last year we had a great time cooking and tasting your recipes, and this year should be no exception! The prize up for grabs, along with having your recipe featured on our website, is a copy of […]

chicken salad with apples and pecans

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

I find lunches to be one of the toughest meals to plan. I either find myself making a “Tom bowl” (buy my ebook if you want that recipe, among others!), or eating leftovers. But this chicken salad has become a new favorite at lunchtime, and I find myself making it weekly. I’m lucky if it […]