Rock Tape for Shoulder Support and Pain feat. James Tatum

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Hey guys and gals, I hope you enjoyed last week’s video done by Deacon Andrews of CrossFit Smithfield. Well this week you are in for a treat. Not only is Deacon back going over shoulders and how to make them all better with Rock Tape, BUT James Tatum was in town and of course he became the model for this tape job. Check out this video, get your shoulders back in action,  and get back in the gym.

  1. Jay Holloway says:

    LOVE Rock Tape I’ve used it for a couple of years. I tend to develop tendonitis in my throwing shoulder. (I do Scottish Highland Games)This stuff makes it to where I can still compete and train without have to do cortisone or prednisone. I just tape up and lower my weights on my presses and anything else that stresses that shoulder until it starts feeling right again. I am having an issue with the elbow on my throwing arm this year thinking about trying to tape it up. GREAT STUFF.

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