Rocktape for Knee Support/Pain

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Besides having some of the best recipes for strength athletes on the web, another goal of The Strength Agenda is to provide you with articles and videos about recovery, mobility, and training tips that can help you get after it in the gym harder than the last time. You may not have a  use for all of these tricks and some of them may not seem legit to you, but the goal is to give you a plethora of things to try, find out what works best for you, and use it often to make you feel better. I recently have been having Achilles and patella tendon pain and met a chiropractor who uses Rock Tape with his patients.

I was a bit skeptical at first, because it’s just a piece of tape, right? But he is a professional so I kept an open mind and gave it a shot, and now I’m a believer. I’m not going go into depth on the benefits of what it does or doesn’t do. For more information on this product check out Rock Tape’s website. In my opinion this stuff works in alleviating pain and helping with soreness and bruising. My pain was mostly nonexistent, except during strenuous work, and I felt a lot better with it as opposed to not having it on. Placebo? Maybe, but I am sold and think it works great for minor issues. The best thing about this stuff is you can have a normal life while wearing it. Water, sweat, etc. does not effect the tape and it holds for weeks if it is done right.

In order to use Rock  Tape properly we have Deacon Andrews, owner of CrossFit Smithfield/SISU Strength and Conditioning and certified Rock Tape Doc, to show us the many ways to use Rock Tape and help with minor injuries, bumps, and pains. This video series will walk you through a few common, minor injuries that you can fix up with a bit of Rock Tape. Take a look and see if it helps you get back at it.

Look for more of Deacon’s videos to come in the following weeks and use them to your advantage.

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