Video: Shoulder Mobility Help

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This week’s video covers shoulder mobility. There are many ways to accomplish a task so in this video we go over three different modalities and warm ups to help keep your shoulders in working order. Check out the video below and get your shoulders up to training shape. Remember if you have something in particular you want covered, message us and ask and we will get on it. This is site is made to bring you the information you want and need. Enjoy!

  1. Jeremy says:

    Good information here. Will you be covering leg/hip prep as well? Thanks.

    • The Strength Agenda says:

      Thanks Jeremy, we have already done one video on some hip stretches with bands. If you look under training the article is called How To Squat Deeper with Bands. If there was something else you had in mind let us know.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Very cool. Thanks…this is good stuff.

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